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I have missed blogging so much. . .April-May were a whirlwind with school, tennis, soccer, cheer, and end-of-school activities.  As soon as school got out I had a couple of trips to Ohio.  I kept up (mostly) with picture-of-the-day and would still like to journal them. . .we have had some significant events -- like Margaret's 11th birthday! -- and I frequently think what a "bad mom" I am for not making sure these events are chronicled.  I'll get there. . .I hope. . .

I have had time for Facebook, though, which is rare.  It's easy to quickly throw a picture or comment on there and connect instantly.  Blogging is more one-sided.  And Blogger has been acting up -- sometimes loading pictures takes the joy out of it all.  One of the last posts I wrote, April Weekend, literally took me two weeks to finish.  Last night I stumbled upon a blog a Dayton friend of mine has started and she said it so perfectly. . ."The idea of keeping up with the blog is a bit daunting because once I start something, I have a tendency to go all in no matter what the impact is on those around me!"  Thank you, Friend, for pointing out what goes "wrong" when I think I'm doing it "right". . .

So. . .this is my attempt at jumping back in to blogging/journaling/chronicling.  Sometimes I think it takes too much time away from my family. . .I'm trying very hard to be intentional with the time given to me by the Lord.  Then I stumble upon posts like this -- Father's Day 2011 -- and I'm more determined then ever to record our moments and memories as a family.  It's all about balance, I know, and balance has never been something I have been good at.  I'm an all-or-nothing, if you can't-do-it-right-don't-do-it-at-all kind of person and maybe I need to let up on that a bit.  There's too much to love, too much to be grateful for to not share the joy. . .to not remind those that make an impact in our lives that they do matter.

My kids have five more weeks of summer left -- I have a little more then 4 -- and there is still lots to do!!!  Soccer camp for Thomas, Marie, and Frederick and VBS in the mornings for Margaret, cheer for Margaret Mon-Wed, soccer practice Tuesday for Marie, and training for our soccer players Friday this week.  Next week a local soccer camp for our players, Sports Camp through one of the churches we attend, then a week "off" (ha!), Cedar Lake Camp for the three younger ones the second week of July, a visit with the Bells and Aunt Kathy along with an out-of-town HS soccer camp for Thomas right before school starts again -- we'll be busy and I wouldn't want it any other way!!!

And because I can't post without pictures:

Margaret -- 11 for 3 weeks now -- on beautiful DHL on Father's Day 2013
Marie donated 16.5 inches of her hair to Locks of Love in June!!

My closest friend and sister in Christ -- moving to Hawaii

Frederick's concession stand at Grandpa Foster's garage sale
Tom & Thomas at Thomas's 8th grade graduation (later that day he played in a tennis tournament on my team as a guest player)
A Mother's Day lunch compliments of Pop Peth


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