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Marie is a decade old!!!

Marie, you are 10!!!!  I was trying to remember my life 10 years ago right now. . .and wondering if I ever thought what it would be like when you were 10?!?  I know I could never have imagined all of this.  Never, in a 1000 years.  God has blessed our family abundantly.

 This was you exactly one year ago.  Hard to believe, huh?  You have grown so much and really matured at lot this year.
 Remember the Red team last fall?  The only thing that hasn't changed is your coach -- you're still with Coach Thad!!!
 But now your team is green and you are wearing size large shorts instead of size medium :)  This was you while you were a goalie a couple of weeks ago.

Last fall was so busy for you . . .
 There was the Lego League competition that you participated in with Thomas and your team did really well! (The team didn't re-group again this year or I'm sure you would have been the team captain!)
 You were a snowflake in your school's Christmas production. . .

And a judge (a mai…


Buried under responsibilities. . .some in my head, some concrete.  No time to blog, read blogs, read books, keep up with the news (I didn't know about the miners?!?), finish any projects, play games with the kids at the drop of a hat, watch television (not that that is ever on top of my list) but also am finding that there isn't time to keep up with laundry, plan/make meals, or, as in the case today, even change our sheets and make beds.  My wonderful, caring, incredible, supportive husband is picking up more than his share of my "slack".  True, I substitute teach.  And work at the YMCA.  And am taking 9 graduate hours.  And am a mother to 4.  And a daughter.  Sister.  Friend.  Aunt.  This semester at school is really baring down on me.  I have 3 book reports to write -- I've only read 1.5 books so far.  A 10-pg research project.  I just figured out my topic today.  A weekly 4-7 page assignment due to an instructor whose only feedback has been (after submitting 5…