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Life is busy.  I haven't even kept up with Picture of the Day!  And the shocker is, my kids have forgotten to remind me. . .they were kind of into that for a long time now.  It's just been go, go, go but not in a crazy way. . .just in a we-have-four-kids-and-a-job-and-homeschool way.

Anyway. . .when I dumped my camera last night I realized I hadn't posted (current) pictures in two weeks!
The kids have been "into" creating with Legos. . .they have been *everywhere*.  This was a solid box that Marie spent an hour or two on. . .then wanted photographed 8 different ways.  I'll spare you all but one. . .
It really was quite detailed. . .I'm proud of their creativity. . .not only what you can see, but in the conversations they have together while creating.

Thomas is helping to coach Frederick's team.  Tom is the coach, Thomas the assistant.  Their first practice was two weeks ago:

And coach Tom gathering them together. . . And there's the player himself :)

Death at Dawn

Several weeks ago, Thomas (12) participated in a local event, Death at Dawn, with his friend JJ. 
We had never heard of this event until the day after it started and JJ called Thomas and said, "Hey, do you think Thomas would like to meet me and my family at the local University at 5:30 tomorrow morning to run and workout?".  I knew he would so I answered in the affirmative for him :)
The organizers estimated that about 160 people came out for two straight weeks, from 5:30-6:30 a.m. to train.   Apparently it started out several years ago as a way to "jump start" the girls soccer season at the high school.  The coach complained that he spent the first two weeks of practice getting the girls back into shape, wasting a bunch of time when he could be drilling.  One of the girls had parents who decided to start an early-morning pre-season training (they are runners) and it just grew from there.  Then the boys team wanted to join.  Then other teams at the high school wante…

Flexible Schooling

Last year we made a difficult (for us) decision, in January, to take our children out of school.  We don't know for how long or have any "grand plan" for this. . .but, for now, it's what we think is best for our children.  Our family.  Many people put us in the "homeschooling" category.  My kids *are* at home to school, but I don't choose their curriculum, grade their papers, or test them.  We pay a private school to provide curriculum, tutoring (when we need it), test, keep grades, and put us on a timeline.  Rather, we call it "flexible schooling" that we can take anywhere and do anytime.  It is working great for us!!
This was Frederick Monday morning.  I caught this snapshot when I was done with my tennis match.  At one point Marie had been sitting at the table with him doing her work. . .but then she and Margaret went off to "play school" on their scooters. . .putting their books on their backs and pretending to ride to school. . .c…