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Flexible Schooling

Last year we made a difficult (for us) decision, in January, to take our children out of school.  We don't know for how long or have any "grand plan" for this. . .but, for now, it's what we think is best for our children.  Our family.
10 a.m. this morning
 Many people put us in the "homeschooling" category.  My kids *are* at home to school, but I don't choose their curriculum, grade their papers, or test them.  We pay a private school to provide curriculum, tutoring (when we need it), test, keep grades, and put us on a timeline.  Rather, we call it "flexible schooling" that we can take anywhere and do anytime.  It is working great for us!!
This was Frederick Monday morning.  I caught this snapshot when I was done with my tennis match.  At one point Marie had been sitting at the table with him doing her work. . .but then she and Margaret went off to "play school" on their scooters. . .putting their books on their backs and pretending to ride to school. . .cute :)

Miss Marie all packed up and ready to move on. . .
And Miss Margaret, not to be left out. . .
Thomas walked over to the YMCA to do his work in the lobby at the table "in the air-conditioning, Mom".

We have a pretty good Monday routine.  I usually play tennis at 8 a.m. and then we hit Ralph's Donuts for a breakfast biscuit and donut (of course) and sometimes take it to Tom's office and share.  This week he was in a meeting but it was so nice outside and they have a couple of picnic tables set out on a private patio that we just finished up (most) of the work for the day there.  Thomas was pretty much done so he got hold of the camera and took some pictures :)

 Oh, looks like Marie had the camera here :)
 Thomas has been working on his photography skills and really gets some good shots!
Well, this is me. . .most days.  If I'm lucky I'm dressed to play or coming from tennis.  And books.  Always toting school books. . .

As I said, we use a school, Daniel 1 Academy, to come alongside us and help with educating our children.  Here is Margaret taking one of her tests Monday. . .
 And then Mr. Holman grading it. . .
This is how it goes when we go into school for testing.  Actually, Thomas and Marie tested on Monday too. . .(they each have 4 subjects with 5-6 tests per subject per semester).
They all did well.  Frederick was in the waiting area, working on his school work since he didn't have a test to take that day.
Tuesdays we do schoolwork at the YMCA. . .I work in childcare there from 8:30-12 and then go back on the clock from 3-6:30. . .from 12-3, when the childcare area is closed, we do schoolwork together.  It works out well!  Wednesdays are our days at home and, starting next week, Thursdays will be devoted to Community Bible Study and our local co-op.  Fridays look a lot like Mondays except, instead of donuts we run errands (grocery, etc.).  Its a busy life.  It's a full life.  It's a blessed life.

And some days, like today, we *try* to do schoolwork and get side-tracked by the beautiful weather, games, and just "being" together.  Not a bad deal :)

Tomorrow we'll be back to this:

Or maybe this:
 And then hopefully this:
Smiles for another week completed!


  1. If it's the same Daniel 1, I didn't live that far from you a few months ago!

    We home-schooled kindy last year (didn't do Daniel 1 though had considered it). This year my girl is in public 1st grade in our new town. I love that you call it "flexible schooling". It is always a year by year decision for us. Good job mom!

  2. It is a blessed life! I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but we are trying out homeschooling this year. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoy our photos. Our main reason if because we do have family all around the world, and it's a nice way to connect with them...another is that my memory is just plain horrible, so it's a nice way to document. =p

  3. I homeschooled two of my kids for two years...long story.....right now my eldest daughter is homeschooling her girls...i think it's an excellent way to help your kids become well grounded adults....I wish I had done it with my kids when they were younger....maybe we wouldn't have as many difficulties with our daughter Emma as we have now....ah..hindsight vision...just enough to add the guilt! Your kids look great...lovely family.

  4. This looks like a wondeful way to learn.


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