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The Good Things in Life

When I plug my phone to the computer and it says that I have 464 pictures to download. . .well, it's been awhile.  I promise that I won't share them all ;)  AND, I take 50-80% less pictures now then I used to -- I catch myself all the time thinking, "I should take a picture" and then remembering that I also need to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  So, there's that.

These kids -- the heartbeat of my life.  One of my all-time favorite posts is this one from September 30, 2011.  I'm so glad I have it to look back on -- nothing earth-shattering, just a reminder of how much I love the life God has given us.  (And, if you are a family member, you should go back and read it -- amazing how much is still the same. . .and how much the kiddos have grown!)

I know the accusation of having a "Pinterest" life or "Life on Facebook" and real life is completely different.  I was questioned last spring about my "Pollyana" outlook on life and marriage -- lucki…