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Technology Tickets

I have tried everything this small brain knows to rotate the picture -- can't figure it out.
Anyway, I have had a few more questions on my summer Technology Tickets so thought I'd write a quick post.

They change each year, depending on the season of life we are in and our family's goals and objectives for that year. 

I fill them out the night before and leave them on the counter.  They check off their items as they do them and then bring it to me to give an "OK".  No big deal.

There is no time limit on these. . .I have had to institute "no television in the living room if everyone is not done" because it is distracting.  Other than that, if they don't do them I (try) not to fuss.  Yesterday Marie did NOT want to fold the laundry so she just never had television/computer/game privileges.  No big deal.  I did put it back on her ticket today because I need it done, but it's not in addition to two more jobs. . .just one of 2.

Sometimes the jobs ar…