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Feet in a mile

I just had a conversation with a friend and said. . ."we can only see a foot ahead of us in this life. . .God can see a mile ahead.  He's 5279 feet ahead of us. . .He is the Leader I want to follow."  This is so, so true of my life this week.  I had an opportunity I have prayed for for well over a year now. . .an interview for a position in a middle school math classroom.  I was so excited about it and was glad that the call came Monday and the interview set up for less than 24 hours later -- less time to be nervous/anxious/over-work my thoughts.  Anyway, I thought it all went well but as of last night (Thursday), still hadn't heard anything.  I knew the opportunity was immediate as school has already been in session for four weeks and I had expected to hear on Wednesday (per the principal that interviewed me).  By last night I knew I didn't make the cut. . .and I have had to tell myself many times that I prayed and prayed for God's Will and when I pray that …

Wordless Wednesday

I have no words today.  Truly, I don't. 

I do, however, have a project that I'm procrastinating on.  Mostly because we (Margaret and myself) can't come to a decision on paint color/finish for this dresser that she wants in her room.

We did figure out what to do about this:

Found some wood glue and filled in the nail holes after priming but before painting the heirloom white.

Unfortunately (since it's the kids' camera) I can't capture the difference between the two finishes here. . .one is just flat heirloom white, the other has a brown stain brushed on.  I like the darker, she likes the lighter.  And then there is the question of knobs. . .just need to make a decision and go with it.

Need to finish this up before the craziness of (my) school starts up next week :)  The next three weekends are also already accounted for. . .I *love* staying busy!!!

Shower Notes

I like to leave notes for Tom in the shower.  We leave a dry erase marker in there. . .but I've heard that bathtub crayons work well too.  Of course we have our own shower, that is not shared by the kiddos, so that gives us a degree of privacy.  I hope it's fun for him to step in the shower and see a note for me. . .he's not on the same page as me. . .I've only gotten one note from him before. . .he says it's "your thing" to do.  Anyway, thought I'd pass my little-something along.

Tom left a week ago yesterday to go out of the country for his job. . .he just got back tonight so you can imagine how we all mauled him -- ha!  Being a single mom is hard stuff. . .but I know it's always harder on him to be away. . .we keep busy enough but being far away from home with little time to communicate is hard.  I can only begin to imagine the lives of soldier's families. . .and thank them again and again for their service to our country, their sacrifice f…

Picture of the life I love

I snapped this picture about 10 minutes ago.  I so rarely have the luxury of taking a picture and then straight-away journaling about it, but the kids are occupied watching The Incredibles for the 10,000th time.  Another thing I love. . .that they do love what they have and have the ability to watch it again and again (all together!!!) without needing something new and unexplored

Anyway, let me tell you why this picture is important to me:  it was 8:30 in the morning and I am sitting there, propped up, not rushed, overhead fan on, enjoying my hot chocolate (on the bedside table. . .well, sewing machine table, or "magic" table as Marie calls it) and working on some PR for a county commissioner run for a friend of mine (see the laptop and papers scattered?).  I love my laptop.  I do not take the luxury of having it, and wi-fi, for granted at all!  I also love having a purpose, something to do, hence the reason I'm working on blog posts and FB upda…

First Day of School

I'm only three days late posting this -- ha!  Actually, I *almost* forgot their pictures. . .everyone was loaded in the van and we were pulling out when I remembered I had to run in for something (phone? water?) and saw the camera hanging by the door.  OH MY!  I would have been very upset with myself if I forgot these!  I hauled the crew back out of the van and got a few good shots.  I LOVE the first day of school.  And not because the kids are gone. . .I have a love/hate with that aspect. . .it's because it's back to routine, back to learning, and, well, I just love, love, love school myself.  I wish I would have had a "first day" this year too :(
Frederick is in second grade now.  He has the same teacher this year as Marie did two years ago.  They added a 5th 2nd grade teacher this year so there are only 19 kids in each class -- that is SO great!!  (He had 22-23 in his 1st grade class.)  We ran into the principal of our school at dinner the night before and Fred…

Wordless Wednesday

Since my camera is at the bottom of the lake and we need a computer more than a camera right now, here are some of my favorite summer memories.   School starts in 6 days. . .
Ha!  These pictures only cover the end of May and June!!!  More to come. . .

Season of Change

I think a Season of Change is ahead.  I'm not sure why I think that. . .just a feeling that I have.

We have been restless for awhile.  Job-wise, home-wise. . .Tom and I get like this every so often.  The problem is, where we live now (we've been here for four years), we've never really "settled".  It's a strange thing.  I'm sure the Lord brought us here and even more incredibly I'm sure that we were led to the exact location we now live.  But we've never felt "settled".  We've tried the whole "bloom where you are planted" and "this is your mission field" thing but still. . .there's a restlessness.  I have been very, very careful to keep the Cross in front of me these past months and listen carefully to what He is saying.  And not get ahead of myself, not worry, and, like when my camera was lost last week, "let go of what is not important" (still trying to figure out how those pictures weren't imp…