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Feet in a mile

I just had a conversation with a friend and said. . ."we can only see a foot ahead of us in this life. . .God can see a mile ahead.  He's 5279 feet ahead of us. . .He is the Leader I want to follow."  This is so, so true of my life this week.  I had an opportunity I have prayed for for well over a year now. . .an interview for a position in a middle school math classroom.  I was so excited about it and was glad that the call came Monday and the interview set up for less than 24 hours later -- less time to be nervous/anxious/over-work my thoughts.  Anyway, I thought it all went well but as of last night (Thursday), still hadn't heard anything.  I knew the opportunity was immediate as school has already been in session for four weeks and I had expected to hear on Wednesday (per the principal that interviewed me).  By last night I knew I didn't make the cut. . .and I have had to tell myself many times that I prayed and prayed for God's Will and when I pray that way I need to be prepared for His answer.  This time his answer was clear:  "Finish grad school.  Be available to your children's classroom teachers.  Play some tennis!  I need you to be around, 24/7, for your family and friends."

So. . . .

This was not the right opportunity, the right time. . .it wasn't His timing.  Thomas (11) has been praying for me all week, and specifically for this job.  He is so great about being sensitive to others and what is important to them.  I am so incredibly blessed by my family, my ability to be a mother to these four, my good fortune to have married my best friend, the only man I've ever loved. . .
My girlfriend, Heidi, reminded me today that we have to be careful to be content, even as we pursue "more".  She is so right.  I think there is a very fine line between content and complacency (a HUGE pet peeve of mine) and maybe sometimes I try too hard because I'm afraid of being mediocre.  I don't think God created us for mediocrity...but we aren't perfect either and that is why we need Him and His Son and His grace and His mercy.  So. . .here's to figuring out the next foot in front of me (I think I know but. . .it's a lot of work. . .) and following the Cross each and every day, even when the path ahead isn't exactly the one "we" would  necessarily chose.

Oh, and, I did get an e-mail from the principal that interviewed me. . .basically he chose someone with a certificate that I don't have.  What impressed me about him, though, is that he checked on a certain reference of mine. . .someone that could not have been easy to find with one phone call.  This person retired last May from a different district from that I worked in, in another state.  I thought that showed a detail-oriented person who was thorough and probably prayerful of his decision.  God always gives us *just* enough information so we can go on, joyfully and happily, serving Him.

I'm linking up to Rachel Anne's Company Girls today -- I haven't been good about this this summer and want to get back in touch with all of you!!  Also, if you've never visited with us before, consider yourself invited. . .you'll meet a lot of great people through her link-up :)



  1. Funny how we are all so good about praying for God's will - and so disappointed when it doesn't coincide with what we wanted! I love the illustration of the mile; He does know so much more than we do, and sometimes He graciously lets us see, via hindsight, how very right He was and how very wrong we would have been. He's saved me from myself more than once, that's for sure.

    Just think what opportunities to be a blessing to others having this time in this season of your life available for them!

  2. Girl...I can so relate. We have been going through a very similar situation recently, in fact...I have whined about it on my blog for several weeks and wrote about my final thoughts today! It is so hard, from our perspective to have to go through the hurt of closed doors and missed opportunities but I know there is something better and you are right to just be content in where God is leading you!


  3. Sorry to hear that it didn't work out. I'm sure He has something in store for you. I've experienced His perfect timing many times, but waiting and not knowing is tough for us. Enjoy your time with your family though.

  4. Trusting is so much easier said than done....but I love your perspective and faith that God knows the right timing for everything. You really never know what the future holds, or how you'll look back and see God's providence in "not" answering your prayers. I think about that a lot.

    It's hard to imagine that I was a SAHM for 11-12 years - it now seems like a bit of a distant memory, even though it wasn't that long ago. I loved those days - and was so blessed to be home with the kids through the early years. Even now, I am blessed with a work at home career, which gives me a lot of flexibility, but it's made me realize that the journey God has us on is much more far-reaching than I thought. There are so many years now to pursue jobs and positions - but I couldn't imagine it back then. Anyway, that's a long comment to say "enjoy"....

    Many blessings, Rachel Anne

  5. I'm sorry for your disappointment, but I'm excited over your perspective. Your words inspire me and encourage me with things I'm dealing with. Isn't it such a great comfort to know that He knows and has a plan and we can completely trust Him in where and how he takes us there. He is a loving Father to be sure!
    Have a blessed week!

  6. When our disappointments come from God, they turn out to be huge blessings.


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