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Life Lately - October 2017

The Bells visited this weekend and Thomas was home for a couple of days -- yea!

I haven't had much to say lately (can you believe it?!?) and even went a week or more without posting Picture of the Day. . .no reason except that I really felt like our days were all the same and nothing exciting was happening to document.
I mean, who cares about the random shopping list, right?

But then I remembered that Picture of the Day is supposed to be about me capturing the "normal" (and extraordinary!) in the day and be thankful for this life I am in NOW.  I actually began this when we homeschooled in 2011.  Before smart phones!!  The idea was that we would journal the pictures as a daily writing assignment but we never made it that far. . .Picture of the Day hung on though :)

And I just went back and read that post and now am grateful for the "everyday" and technology and the time and ability to journal our lives like that.  I would never had remembered some of the detail…