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January-February 2016 phone pics

My Christmas post never got finished. . .a book I am making with all the pictures I put in the Foster Family 2016 calendar is still waiting to be finished. . .there are so many things!  I go to my blog 2-3 times a week to read up on my favorites (found on the right sidebar) and am just plain tired of what I see on my blog. . .I just emptied my phone of pictures so. . .here's a random post containing mostly Pictures-of-the-Day (something I try to do daily on Facebook) from the last two months.  I have lots to say, lots of thoughts to put in order, but if I try too hard this post, too, will never get published.

I love playing Kahoot It! with my classes. . .and sometimes we even get our devices out at home and play!!! 
I'm really enjoying my job as a K-5 technology teacher this year. . .the schedule is great but I'm extremely frustrated with public school in general (the emphasis on testing and teacher inservice) and my drive - 35 minutes one way - is really tough on my famil…