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April 28, 2011

Finally, finally after all the storms we had a beautiful, gorgeous, get-out-there-and-enjoy-the-sunshine kind of day!!!!
We decided, since all of the rain the past few days, that it was a good time to turn the soil and trim the bushes.

I think I only have one picture of Margaret working. . .those who know and love her won't be surprised. . .

But she did a good job keeping everyone hydrated and fed!
They all really did do quite a bit of work. . .it's so nice having older kids to help with all of this!!!

 We headed to Lowe's after taking Thomas to soccer practice but didn't find anything to plant.  We met Tom there and headed on to a local garden center but they were closed when we got there (6:30!). . .one last-ditch effort at a Wal-Mart on the way home and score!!!  We found some things to plant.  Hopefully they'll get in the ground before they die. . . (i.e. this weekend)
I love the look on Frederick's face in this picture. . .he was posing of course.
I'm lovi…

January picture(s) of the day

One of my "resolutions", or goals, this year is to get a Picture of the Day each day of this year (2011).  I haven't known what I was going to do with these pictures. . .it was just an excuse to make sure I used my camera a lot :)  Anyhow, today we were at Sam's Club and I saw a great little scrapbook, all set up ready for pictures and thought, "Aha!  This is it!  The kids can help with this. . ."  I don't even think the pages are supposed to come out -- it's a 12x12 softcover thing with extra letters and stickers in the front.  For $13 I figured it is worth a try. . .
An hour or so ago I got online to check e-mail (it's kinda backed up) and saw a promotion that Snapfish is running now so I decided to start going through my 2011 pictures. . .
Ugh.  It took me an HOUR to go through all my January pictures.  On some days, there are just too many to choose from so I went ahead and chose a couple to print.  Either we'll put more than one on a page…

From 40 degrees to 80 degrees

Well, the misery continued at the garage sale on Saturday. . .temperatures were in the 40's and besides the on-and-off drizzle/rain it was also windy.  We started outside (guess the sky should have given us a clue)
but soon had to move in.
The kids' goal was $50 on Saturday (everything was 1/2 price too) and they made $49.50.  I'd say it was a success!  This is all that was left. . .down from four tables to one.  Whew.
 We'll take the shoes and clothes to our church's Care Center and take the toy/book odds-and-ends to the YMCA YPlay area where I work.

And the weather did NOT improve. . .however the U10 and U12 soccer games still went on. . .ugh!  It was COLD out there -- and it's mid-April!!!
 That's the coach of the U10 team (none other than TOM -- ha!) just trying to keep warm.  I think maybe his best players were too cold to come out??? They were creamed. . .11-0.  But ask the kids -- they had fun :)
Here's one of the good players that showed up. . .Frede…

Garage Sale - Company Girls 4.15

The kids have begged and begged.  Today was the big day -- GARAGE SALE DAY!!!  A friend down the street and I organized a "neighborhood garage sale" to make the drive out here worth it to more people.  We think about 8 families were planning on participating (there are 53 houses in our neighborhood). 
 The kids were up by 6, and although the ad run for the neighborhood had a 7 a.m. opening time, they started dragging tables out at 6:40.  We were able to have the tables and such in the driveway for a little over an hour, then the rain came.  Then the thunder to drive even the heartiest of souls away. 

This is what they're doing now:
They absolutely refuse to close up even though the red hanging from our mailbox used to be a posterboard:

Oh yea, on top of it all, we had a showing for the house today.  Like getting ready for the yard sale wasn't enough.  The real estate company left a message for me yesterday and I called the secretary back to tell her we would be here an…