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June 2016

Since I am home, guess I should do a better job of keeping up with this here ol' blog :)  I love following the ones in my sidebar and even if *I* don't have any followers, it's a super great diary for me to look back through in my melancholy moods. . .

Have you seen the My Social Book that you can get on Facebook or Instagram?   I have ordered two now and really, really like them.  I post a Picture of the Day almost every day so I have a nice record/diary/scrapbook from Facebook (I've never gotten on the Instagram bandwagon. . .).

(PSA:  Most pictures are un-edited. . .if I took the time to do that. . .well. . .it could be another month - ha!)

June 1st Picture of the Day - Frederick's first Junior Team Tennis tennis match!!  I think he won in singles 8-0 and then he and his partner won their doubles match too.  Great way to start the season!
 June 2nd Picture of the Day - Off to Cedar Lake Camp for a few days for Staff Training Week.  Thomas had already been there to…

My 2015-16 School Year

Things have been lean for me and this blog this school year.  Tom calls it my "lost year". . .I wouldn't go THAT far since I really was thankful for the opportunity to work in my new town and the job was something that I had always dreamed of doing.  In the end, though, there were so many things that it took away from us, our family, that when my contract wasn't renewed in April I wasn't as sad/upset as I think I should have been.  Again, it was a DREAM job.  I worked with GREAT people. . .I know the Lord had me in that place for that time for a reason and then He took me out.

So. . .to re-cap. . .we moved in March to an apartment because house-hunting (and house-selling) had not been as easy as we had hoped.

And, since I was a teacher and left my job in our old town at Spring Break, I had all the time in the world to unpack in a timely manner :)

I spent that last 9 weeks of school in our new town being a "mom", house-hunting practically full-time, volu…