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A Season of Change

Tom has been offered a job out of town so. . . our house is on the market and we are set for a new adventure!!!

I'm happy we're staying in Tennessee -- it's a great place to live.  I will miss where we are. . .truly a place where "everybody knows your name".

The biggest question we get is "what is your timeline?".  We honestly don't know.  His new job was great in allowing him to choose his start date.  We have put our house on the market before (we've been here 8.5 years!) and know that it's a tough one to sell.  The house, neighborhood, and community are *great*, it's just that we're sorta far out of town (for people who grew up around here) so it's not a desirable area for natives.  The Lord has provided this path for our family and He will pave the way. . .no doubts.  We like being out of town, but that's not for everyone, for sure.

We had some work to do to get the house on the market :)

I'm liking our paired-down…