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What an incredible Christmas Holiday we had!
 We began our Christmas with a trip to the Wilderness Lodge.  That was our gift to the kiddos this year. . .rather than shopping and wrapping and then finding places for all the "stuff" (that we don't need!) we decided as a family to make a memory instead.  My dad brought my nieces down with him. . .this was his Christmas gift to them!  It all worked out so well. . .I *highly* recommend this place. . .
Since there were 9 of us we decided to get a suite with a full kitchen and we are so glad that we did.  We brought tons of breakfast stuff (milk, juice, yogurt, cereal, fruit) and snack-y stuff too. . .chips and salsa, veggies & dip, microwave popcorn. . .I had also planned two dinners. . .we stopped at Papa Murphy's on the way out of town and picked up 4 pizzas to bake Wednesday night (there ended up being enough for lunch Thursday too!) and then I brought a crock pot meal for Thursday night.  We didn't do it so much…

Stationery card

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Christmas Sunday

Because we are always gone on Christmas Eve/Day, six years ago we instituted "Christmas Sunday".  The Sunday before Christmas we celebrate together, as a family of six at home. Our first Christmas here. . .no furniture or anything!  
I can't find pictures from 2007. . .hmmm.  Almost a year of pictures are missing. . .from mid-2007 to mid-2008. . .maybe in another folder somewhere?  Ugh.
Our tree in 2008. . .that year was a little different because we took a trip to Mexico with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, sister, and her family over Christmas so my in-laws came down to celebrate with us a couple of days before we left. 2009 - finally remembered to get a picture in front of the tree :)  This was the year we didn't get the ornaments out. . .we decided just to do handmade ornaments. . . And even got a picture of Tom and me! I remembered a Christmas tree picture last year (2010) too. . . . . .matching outfits and all.
 I didn't fare so well this year with a picture of t…