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We began with this:
Well-used and well-loved

Got it down to this:

And this is where we are now:
This was about an hour ago. . .second coat of poly

The girls and I drove to Brentwood yesterday to pick up some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I really wanted to use that with a wax finish on the bottom.  Hmmmm. . .jury is still out.  Almost everything I pinned that I liked was ASCP. . .I *almost* paid enormous shipping costs then found there was a stockist 1.5 hours away so the girls and I headed that way.  It was very expensive, but I was prepared for that.  Here's the thing. . .I bought the dark wax but so far I don't think I like the way it looks:

This is my "sample" table, that I try everything out on!  

The right side is treated with AS Dark Wax, the left is not.  The left is too "stark" for me but I'm just not loving the wax treatment either.  The paint is very different. . .well. . .chalky -- ha!  I think if it had a smooth, satin finish I would like it plain but since it doesn't (and I knew this going into it) I'm thinking about this maybe?
 I am not normally a "distresser" but I was trying to sand out a drip from last night and saw how easily it came off and I kind of like it.  We'll see. . .

The window supplies are in the garage, the measurements marked on the wall.  I report back to school tomorrow.  I'm pleased with the progress. . .we should have all final poly coats on by tonight, the bottom sanded (I think?) and definitely waxed and hopefully move the table back in here soon.  The top will need 10 days to cure but at least we can reclaim some of our garage :)  I am completely over-the-moon about how this table turned out -- especially the top.  
Thank you, Fred, for helping me find the *perfect* stain for my favorite table!

And now, today, the girls are getting one last day to sleep, sleep, sleep. . .Marie has had LAX camp each night from 6-9 p.m.  Miss Margaret went back to her cheer team after a two-week break last night for a 3-hr practice so they can have this time.  We need to get back to my classroom today. . .they've helped me decide on a red, white, and blue theme in honor of the Olympics.  I thought that was a good idea!  We shopped for lots of supplies on Monday and spent a few hours just unpacking and breathing in the scent of school starting.  Sigh.  The boys are at Cedar Lake Camp and although I am missing them, I *know* they are having a blast.

It's been a good summer.



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