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Another FULL summer weekend

One of my very closest friends in the world, Jill, and me:And all of our children, grandchild, and two extras (whom I have known since they were in kindergarten and third grade).
Yep, four are mine, seven are her children, one is her granddaughter, and then former babysitters Keeley (in the OU hat) and Morgan -- the other "oldest" out there (straight back in the purple tank).

We had a BLAST Saturday on Lake Cumberland. It's about two hours for us from driveway to drop-in and now that we know that, we'll certainly try to get up there more. Jill and her family have a summer place there and since she's a school teacher she can "live" at the lake almost three months of the year!!!This is her pastor husband, Jim:
Obviously there was some dancing going on. . .And tubing. . .(Yes, that was a wipe-out -- Thomas that time!)

And swimming. . .
The oldest "kid" on the trip with the youngest. . . .And fire building (although it was 92 degrees outside!)And relaxing.

Aunt O and her niece. . . .
Keeley and Morgan are both out of school for the summer and needed a "break" for the weekend. Jill had posted on FB that any and all visitors are welcome (when there are already 10 people sleeping in your place, what are a few more???) and the girls took that invitation literally :) We saw they were on their way and our kids LOVE their first (and really only) babysitters so we got up early Saturday morning, picked up the boat, and headed north.

Aren't these good-looking kids???

Morgan & Marie. . .Morgan & Frederick now . .
. . .and four years ago right before we moved away. . .
Frederick, mini-Jim, and Thomas
Mini-Jim's big brother. . .after I got this picture I said "ha! I got a picture of your teeth!"
Miss Margaret. . .
Yep, she really IS "on her way". . .and taking her black belt with her!!!
And one of her younger sisters. . .she just graduated kindergarten!And dogs & babies too!
And a pretty good-looking hard-working husband swimming the boat over to tie it up. . .
Here's to making and keeping these summer family memories! God has RICHLY blessed us.


  1. Wow! That is exciting! What a great summer. Glad you are having fun!


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