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Company Girl Coffee 7.16

It wasn't until I wrote the title to this post that I even realized that it was the 16th of July!!!  Wow, the summer is FLYING by. . .and not that I'm a coffee drinker, but it's too hot to even TYPE that word. . .lemonade maybe?

Obviously I've been playing a little tennis. . .my husband brought the camera out to the court last night.  My friend, Heidi, and I played in our first doubles tournament ever together.

We didn't do as well as we expected but the second set was a great fight.  We did lose, but in a 12-14 tie-breaker.  We analyzed a lot afterward. . .too bad we don't have another chance to play together again soon -- we could correct a few mistakes.  Oh well, it was fun all the same.  My hip did surprisingly well!  We both play singles on Saturday and we both play against friends of ours.  The person I'm playing against is a good match, the person she is playing fought in a tough, tough match herself last night. . .wish we weren't playing at the same time -- it would be so much fun to watch her!!!

I have 6 kids in the house right now -- only half are mine :)  Heidi had my three yesterday (Thomas is at camp) and then she needed to go into work herself today so I have her girls and a friend over for Frederick.  It's the only reason I have 30 minutes to sit down and look at pictures and blog a bit :)

The song The Champion by Carman (Heart of a Champion) just played on my computer -- I have iTunes set up to random play. . .I haven't heard that song in ages.  Such a good one too. . .

Thomas comes home tomorrow -- yea!!!!  I have missed him so much.  It's been really, really quiet around here without him but I'm always happier when we're all together.  I will miss picking him up -- first time ever -- because of my tennis match.  The nice thing is, within an hour it will be like he was never gone :)

We were supposed to have company this weekend but they had to cancel last night due to unforeseen circumstances.  I think we'll still keep our lake plans, though, if it doesn't rain.  We'd also like to take the kids to see Despicable Me.  I've heard it's very good and Marie has bothered us endlessly about seeing it. . .

Next weekend we have a crowd coming -- so excited about that!!!  My sister, her two daughters, two of her friends, and at least four more kids are coming.  I think we counted 15-17 people in all under the roof!!!  Needless to say, tents will be pitched in the backyard for the kiddos. . .at least we have beds/sofas for all the adults.  The plan is to spend Friday at Dollywood and the entire day Saturday on the lake. . .they didn't travel 300 miles for beds you don't think?  This is a yearly thing we do (Tom being the ONLY dad in the bunch -- he's such a good sport about it -- he's one of the boat captains too) but one friend and group of kids has never joined us.  Hope they can take it!!!!

Since Heidi and I didn't advance on last night we will NOT be playing tonight so hopefully it will be a quiet night at home.  We don't have too many of those.  I have a couple more weeks of summer semester with 6 quizzes left to take and 2-3 papers to turn in so I should probably log in and make a dent there too.  So far I've kept up pretty well. . .I'm glad I went through the summer.  Still hoping for a job but one county starts school in 1.5 weeks and the other (the county we're in) starts in three weeks and I haven't heard anything.  I had a frustrating week going up to our board office to meet with the Director of Schools twice and both times he forgot about our appt. so. . .we'll see. . .it wasn't an interview, just something I initiated because although I know everyone at the kids' school I have never "officially" met him.  I signed up for a few jobs there but haven't heard anything. . .

Just a glimpse at the season of life I'm in right now :)


  1. always wanted to play tennis...but, I'm afraid I don't have an athletic bone in my body! I hope you have a great time when your family comes to visit...sounds like it will be lots of fun! Oh..and thanks for stopping by...come again!

  2. OH,reading about your tennis brought back such great memories for me. I played for years and it was such a fun time, but somehow I got away from it and haven't picked a racket up in years. I'm sure my 57 year old body would "balk" if I even tried to hit a ball now. :o) Sounds like you are a busy gal, but as they say, "busy hands are happy hands." All the best for a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by. Abundant blessings to you!

  3. Looks like you are having a great summer! I haven't played tennis in so long; looks like a lot of fun.

    Loved your post about your anniversary. If someone had shown me my 4 blessings, would I have run for the hills? Makes me laugh thinking about it! How we grow in our lives!

    Thanks for stopping by.


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