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Schoolwork, soccer, and the YMCA

This is for all family members who wonder what we've been up to. . .

We have exactly a week of school left.  Of course, since our kids are currently in a satellite program, they can finish up any time.  Frederick swears that he will be finished with *everything* tomorrow and test out on all four subjects.  I hope he can :)
A lot of days we stay after my shift at the Y (I work in YPlay and we close between the hours of 12-3 daily) and just do our schoolwork there.  The kids can spread out and work where they want.  On this particular day it looks like Frederick chose to lay across the train table :)
Today Thomas had the entire table to himself :)
A couple weeks ago I snapped this picture of Margaret. . .that is NOT a real baby but she did have a doll in and the swing going as she worked on her math in the glider rocker.  She will be a good momma :)

And just so Marie isn't left out. . .although this isn't at the Y. . .it was the day she bought her new sunglasses!
I am pretty happy with the pictures my phone takes (obviously all of these were taken on it) and often snap pictures (such as this one) during the day just to capture those "little" things for Tom. . .like Marie in her sunglasses :)

I really like my job at the YMCA.  This will be my fifth summer working in YPlay.  We take kids from 6 weeks to 12 years.  They are all separated into their own groups -- 6+ is my favorite and the one I work most often.  (Although when I can cover for someone in infants it's a treat!)  Lately I've snapped a few pictures of us in action, just to remind myself that I have a great job that allows me to be with my children every day.  And they have made many friends there too. . .some Y employee kids and some are kids that have moms (or dads) that are very regular in their workout schedules so they come routinely too.
 This is a picture of my niece, when she was here, going down our giant playmaze slides.
 On this day we made double-sided tic-tac-toe chips and I made boards on the tables with painter's tape. . .
 The next week (looks like the tic-tac-toe boards were still there!) we made a matching game to play together.
 Then I took the "tape-boards" a step further and made a couple of hop-scotch boards on the playmaze floor.  I think this was the 3-5 group.
 Here are some kids doing the Wii "Just Dance" and that's my Marie in the orange t-shirt playing drums (her favorite) on Rockband.
 Frederick and one of his church friends (his mom teaches cycling classes at the Y too) put together some Star Wars puzzles then spelled it out in dominoes. . .pretty clever!
 We were having a Play-doh creation contest one day last week. . .
 This was Margaret's winning creation!
 Yesterday a few kids got the idea to make this giant pyramid out of legos. . .they did a super job working together on it.
 Today the 3-5 group was playing with shaving cream and the 6+ group wanted in on the fun too!!!  Then we put together crowns for everyone.  A little later (after these pics were taken) the kids got the glue and jewels out and decorated them further.  Then went to the playmaze and had sword fights and coronations :)
 This is one of Frederick's buddies from his soccer team. . .his mom works with me.

Wouldn't you know, my kids ended up wearing their crowns ALL DAY today?!?  So much fun.  Margaret wondered if she should wear hers to church tonight.  I asked if she was God's princess.  She said she was so I said she should :)

And it was a COLD weekend for soccer.  Like freezing-cold-I-can't-believe-this-is-May cold.  Ugh.  Here are a couple of action shots from Frederick & Margaret's team:
 Frederick on the far right. . .
 Margaret making a fashion statement in her blue socks. . .
 A shot with both Frederick (#2) and Margaret. . .looks like another kick-off for them. . .they don't score often so I'm sure they are getting ready to kick-off.
 Margaret in action!
 And Frederick. . .
 Look at that intense face on him!!!  He pretty much plays all positions (except goalie) and also coaches his teammates while on the field.  And he's 7 playing in the U10 bracket. . .his coach (Tom) always says "I need 3-4 more Fredericks out there" -- ha!
I'm pretty sure a ball or two got by her. . .but she looks cute though, doesn't she???

A few hours later Marie and Thomas took the U12 field for their game. . .unfortunately I didn't really get any action shots of Marie. . .the week I was gone she scored half of her team's goals so I know she's *in* action!
 Working on a Bell strategy???  Ref looks a little suspicious. . .
 Love that the siblings are playing together and I can get both in one shot :)
 That would be Thomas in the middle looking like he has some good kicking form. . .
 And what a funny throw-in. . .but his feet are both still on the ground. . .:)
I love these low shots. . .

These weren't the only soccer games this weekend. . .before this YMCA game, Thomas had played in the pouring down rain for his travel team. . .the younger two and myself did not attend that game.  I had planned on it but when the rain never stopped. . .well. . .the cozy (warm) comforts of home won out.  I know you can't tell b/c our soccer players didn't layer up but it was COLD outside. . .like 50-degree cold.  Anyway, after this 1 p.m. game we headed back out for another 7:30 p.m. game in town with his travel team (it was a weekend tournament our rotary hosted).  I rarely have many shots because my camera is just a point-and-shoot and the fields are BIG.

(Thomas is the red team).

Sunday morning after church and lunch we headed back to the field for one more game.  Actually, we shouldn't have made it that far in the tournament but one of the teams that traveled to get here didn't come back, forfeiting the game to us.  Not so lucky for the parents. . .if it was possible, it was even colder on Sunday!  The blanket the girls are using is what I was wrapped up in the night before. . .nothing for me on Sunday :(
And then it started raining. . .again. . .
 Love seeing my girls together, though, and cuddling up like that :)

Thomas is in the back of the pack here, playing defense both days.  That's a change from his regular mid-field playing, but suited him well.  He is fast and saved quite a few balls.  On Sunday he started the game and never came out.  Considering the majority of the game was played by the defense, he sure got his workout in.
 This is a pic of Thomas and his best buddy on the team, JJ.  (JJ in the front, T on the right)
 Team picture with a Rotary representative and the boys' two coaches, Sam and Dave.
Thomas and JJ. . .never serious.  JJ's father is Thomas & Marie's YMCA soccer coach.

So, there you have it, Dear Family. . .our busy life down here in the cold, cold south.  Florida is but a memory.  . .


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