A Day in the Life. . .September 2018

Recently several bloggers that I like keeping up with did a "Day in the Life" series here.  I really enjoy these and revisited this one of mine from 2015. . .it's amazing where we were and where we are.  How much changes and how much stays the same. . .

I was trying to wait for a "normal" day and then finally realized, there are no "normal" days. . .not in this season anyway.  Originally I was going to try for Monday but forgot until about 8 a.m. so figured Tuesday would work just as well.  Of course that is the day that I woke at 4 a.m., couldn't go back to sleep and finally gave it up and started my day at 4:32.
And walked downstairs to this:

No one in the family seems to have the energy at night to do much more than put leftover food away. . .usually the dishwasher gets run too.  I really don't mind because I'm one of those annoying-all-the-energy-in-the-world morning people.
I spent the next two hours cleaning the kitchen (deep cleaning, actually - drawers and everything), doing laundry, listening and taking notes on a new podcast that I am adoring--Goal Diggers.
The girls leave the house between 6:30-6:40 each morning for their 7 a.m. class.  LMB is simultaneously packing her lunch, has coffee brewing, and a pan heating up on the stove for her breakfast.  She's got this morning-routine thing down and is efficient!

Margaret is not as ambitious. . .she gets downstairs with enough time to fill her water bottle -- and Laura is offering to share her lunch with her -- that's it, sitting on the counter -- last night's leftovers and carrots.  How can two teenage girls subsist on just that?!?  Of course Laura is sitting at the table eating eggs and will also pack a bar of some sort to eat. . .but really?!?
 Off they go. . .

And back to laundry and podcast and notes (and texting my like-minded business associate my thoughts). . .
I know, I'm a nerd.  I just love this stuff so much!!!  Glad Anthony (our operations manager) indulges me -- even when I text him before 7 a.m.!!
And now this guy is off. . .packing his snacks for the morning too.

 Stephen is down and dressed and ready to catch The Today Show with me. . . the only "rule" is that I'm not allowed to talk to him in the morning. He wants to sit on the couch watch but NOT talk (or listen) to me.  He'll also make his lunch, make something for breakfast, and feed the dog in the next 15 minutes. . .when we usually head out the door with the dog to walk to the bus stop.

But not today -- I took this picture (of us walking to the bus stop) on Wednesday.
On Tuesday, he needed me to take him to school early because he had a Bible Study at 7:30.
We pulled out of the driveway at 7:17. . .
Arrived right about 7:30. . .the elementary traffic (middle and elementary are on the same campus, but all with their own entrances and parking lots) was insane.  It's why the girls take a 7 a.m. class or otherwise take the bus. . .

And I was back in our garage by 7:41 :)  Not bad.

A little more of Savanah, Hoda, Craig, Al, Dylan, and Carson while I get a shower and ready for work. . .

 Despite my deep-cleaning of the morning, breakfast stuff is strewn about. . .the dog is nipping around my ankles for her "you're leaving" treat. . .and I have my water, lunch, purse, and work bag to juggle out the door.  Sometimes I remember my phone, some days I have to come back inside to get it. . .
 Right on time -- 9 a.m.!

I realized as I walked out the door that *I* forgot to eat breakfast, so brought a bar along with me.  Tuesdays Tom generally comes by to take me to lunch so I just have to get by for the next 2 hours :)

My morning flew -- so busy! -- and I forgot about my "Day in the Life" documentation, until Tom was dropping me off and took a picture of us for me.  (We went to Newk's for lunch and stuck to our Keto diets, both getting a salad -- I brought enough leftovers back for tomorrow too.)

I remembered to snap a few shots that afternoon -- yes, this is a true representation of how at least half the days of every week are at work.  NO complaints (except I really do wish I could begin and complete something in one day!)

On Tuesday I also had a 3:00 webinar so I got to shut my door and just listen and learn for 45 minutes. . .that is a "break" for me.

I left at 5:45 -- 15 minutes later than I wanted but such is life some days.  Tom, Stephen, and Stephen's friend were meeting me at tennis courts nearby to play.
Luckily they were a little late getting there also so no one was waiting around for me (which is sometimes the case. . .)

 I'm certainly not unhappy with anything over 5K steps at this time of the day -- the one downfall to my new career is the amount of time I sit :(

By the time I left the courts (before the other three -- I wasn't playing well and was just WIPED OUT) I had hit 10K steps though:
Driving home, I figured I might as well stop at Sam's Club. . .

 LOVE self-checkout. . .

$100 for this. . .craziness.
But I was able to cut down our list quite a bit when I got home. . .as I was doing this, Stephen was cutting up the chicken I picked up for dinner. . .
We all just kind of filled our plates "with a little bit of this and a little bit of that" --

I sat down with my chicken, cucumbers, smoked almonds, and Bible Study. . .

....Margaret was helping me out with some stuff from work. . .
then Stephen, Laura, and I played some cards. . .wow. . .look at the time. . .!!!
And look at that score. . .
Ken Burns had a documentary on that night on the Mayo Clinic. . .so another unusual thing for me. . .watching television.  Tom, Laura, and I sat down to watch it. . .only Laura made it all the way through :)

 Fascinating story.  They had previewed this on the Today Show that morning -- the only reason I knew about it.

No bedtime shots. . .I fell asleep watching (that's normal, no matter the time of day). . .I think I headed upstairs about midnight.

Got up and started it all again the next day -- except that day I didn't wake up until Tom's alarm went off at 6 a.m. :)

That's it!  Nothing special, exciting, or extraordinary -- just a life I thank God every day that I get to live.



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