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Saturday night -- this is for you, Rene :)

We had some fun Saturday night. . .
After New Years' I found some mixers on sale at Sam's Club and picked them up for our "card nights".
Our favorite bartender brought out all the right tools. . .

We started with "blueberry moon". . .

Moving on to Pomegranate. . .

With the bartender rinsing our classes each time!!!
And properly chilling the glasses. . .

Next up. . .raspberry crush
But we just couldn't get our minds off of the wonderful blueberry we began the evening with. . .so a little googling and this is what our hosts came up with. . .

Yum. . .can we have some more????
 I'll tell ya, first-class service around here :)
Thank you!!!
Delish :)

Yes, the kids were there. . .well-occupied I might add. . .

Do you see Margaret's feet to the left in this picture?  I brought the computers for the kids but it was hard to keep Tom from his e-mail.  He was concerned about the weather and all the games scheduled Sunday -- as soon as we arrived one of his Chattanooga teams texted to tell him they weren't coming so. . .it's why there was only *one* bartender on the scene most of the evening.

We did finally get around to playing cards. . .rough night for me and my partner.  Then the "responsible" one decided we needed to get home and get some sleep for the games the next day.  Glad someone knows how to tell time (I guess).



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