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39 things

So another birthday came and went this last week.  Since this is my last last year in my 30's I decided to go in the fashion of other popular bloggers (like Meg, who I first saw list something like this -- this link is a summer list but I'm pretty sure I saw one that she listed on her b'day too) and make a list.  I posted the idea on Facebook a couple of days before my birthday to get some ideas (39 ideas were kind of hard!) and I actually got quite a few!!!  So. . .in the interest of accountability, here are
39 Things to Do Before I'm 40
finish my Master's degree
pray for an send an encouraging note to every family who we received Christmas cards from this year
invite friends over at least 6 times for food and games
get my body back to 120 pounds
set an example for my children by working out with them
attend a tennis camp
teach someone to play tennis
get rid of clothes I have not worn in two years
visit our friends at the lake
go on a 4-day get-away with Tom somewhere neither of us has ever been 
start a cooking club
continue and FINISH my picture-of-the-day project for 2011
fully decorate a room from start-to-finish
get a new hairstyle
complete a Bible study
   teach the kids to type
learn a new card or board game 
eat a family meal outside
make candy with the kids
visit my brother in Florida
make Dad some new scrapbook pages
do a crafting class with Bonnie
make a meal for a family in need
come up with a family mission statement together then display it in our home 
go to the zoo as a family
plant flowers
make a table centerpiece
finish Margaret's dresser
find chairs for Margaret & Frederick's desks
make my own vanilla extract
make a gallery wall in our home
learn to use more setting on my camera
learn/try decorative painting
have a "fancy" dinner with friends
go bowling as a family "just because"
do a zumba class
visit a dentist

So...there it is in all its ugliness/weirdness/simplicity.  Rather than making this a "to-do" list or a resolution-type thing, I wanted it to be more goal-oriented where I can measure results.  I either do/don't go to the dentist.  I have people over 1 time or 10. . .I just chose a number that wasn't too ambitious (once every-other-month) yet not too easy (for me).  Some are *almost* done (like my Master's Degree) or we've already decided on (move) or non-nonsensical like geocaching because we don't even have a GPS system (but someone on FB recently did it and it looked like something my kids would like so why not reach for the stars?).  I have noticed one thing:  by putting this list together, writing out GOALS, I am actually more conscious about what I'm doing!  Yea!  Already had friends over for dinner and games since I made this list!!!  And the meal for a family in need?  Had extra food the other day and sent it next door. . .I think because it was fresh on my mind to do.

The next list up?  40 things to do with the rest of my life  You won't be surprised to hear I already have that list going on in my head???

And a few pics of the "big day". . .we went to lunch at Red Lobster

I got a great new bag from my fabulous inlaws:
 The kids gave me a new book and pair of earrings. . .
My dad and stepmom sent some cookbooks that I had mentioned I would like to have 

and my mother always sends me money. . .and I usually use it for my annual FL vacation -- this year it will be for a pedicure and the other books that go in the series of books that the kids got me!  Tom was funny. . .he had me open my gift before he left for work at 6:30 a.m. -- it was an ipod nano -- so cool!  I'm always borrowing someone else's to use so that was a super-great gift.

Happy, happy day.  We ended up not having church that evening because of weather (which is why we went out to lunch instead of dinner -- another benefit of homeschooling!) so we had a nice evening at home.  Thomas made and decorated a cake for me:
 And we even got in a game of Sorry!
It's been a good week of reflection. . .and also of realization. . .look at this picture someone snapped of me Wednesday -- I am getting OLD!!!!
Unless, of course, those are laugh-lines, lines of a life well-lived and well-loved.  I'll take those :)


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