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Yep, it was a snow WEEK

Ugh.  This morning I got up, knowing there was a 2-hr delay but SURE we would have school because it had been raining all night and the temperatures were supposed to climb into the 40's.  Well, since I ran out and purchased all the $5 gifts for classroom parties last night after church Murphy's Law went into effect and school was canceled.  Oh my.  So. . . .what started out Monday as a hunch turned into the truth today.  A full week of no school (today was the last scheduled full day until January) and little preparation for it.

We've stayed busy.  I've worked four shifts at the Y, we've met Tom for lunch, baked a lot, hit up the library and have had mandatory reading times in the afternoon, watched a few (too many?) movies, and I've spent too much time on the computer.  Thomas managed to make a milkshake in the blender then pour it all over the floor. . .then decided on cookies and broke a dish. . .but I'm happy he's entertaining himself and trying to remember that these are sweet times.

Tonight is my *last* final.  Whew.  I did go to the Y today, not to work or workout but to let my kids run around in YPlay while I met a friend to study.  I'm hoping that some more stuff sticks in my head before 6 p.m. -- not too much studying went on around here once we got home.

Some of my favorite things on the internet this week:

This made me laugh so hardMarcy shared it last weekend and I watched it, showed it to my husband and laughed so hard again. . .then I was in a "mood" to watch Footloose. . .but. . .well. . .Netflix doesn't have it on demand. 

I love, love, love this blog.  She has a best crafts, the best "realness" out there.  One day she just took a camera and took pictures saying "*this* is what my house looks like on a daily basis".  So refreshing. . . although I love her posts about her "perfect" life and "perfect" vacations and "perfect" (fun!!!!) decor. . .because, really, that's what we really want to remember, right?

Vicki Courtney is great.  She's about a decade ahead of me in the parenting ring so I just try to absorb it all.  Kind of like 20/20 hindsight, if that makes sense.  She's constantly making me tear up b/c she had one just graduate from college and another leaving HS this year and this is the "baby" going through his "lasts".  Makes me want to double my efforts to be present, be in the "now", not take *anything* for granted.  And the relationship her kids have. . .well. . .I can only hope and pray that that will be me someday.  It's awesome.

I've gotten to "know" a new-to-me blogger, Kara, and just realized she reminds me so, so much of one of my real-life besties, Amy.  Like Amy, she's an EE with a crafty side who loves FL.  I'll bet she's just as pretty and funny as Amy too :)

Another blogger that is interesting to me is Nicole over at Modern Reject.  She's very "edgy".  I like how she really speaks out and has such a decisive view on things.  It's always good to hear what others have to say, especially important truths in Christianity.  She usually has a fairly good dialogue in her comments section that, if I have time, I read through.  I haven't visited in awhile, though, so don't know what soapbox she's on today.  Anyone standing up for marriage and Jesus, though, gets my vote!!!

And for cooking creations, Our Best Bites is, hands-down, my new favorite.  The kids and I have tried our hands at a couple of things and I plan on continuing to return for inspiration. 

And, just a few shots because to me it's not a journal (or blog post) without the visual:

 Marie, after coming in from a second round in the snow.  This is now just a memory. . .it's been raining all day today.
 A little Christmas cheer in my home. 
 Thomas "created" these cupcakes when he found colored sprinkles in the cupboard.  He's really becoming an adventurous baker!  Today he tried cookies made with peanutbutter chips and rolos.  Hmmmmmm. . .haven't tried those yet.
 Some red cheeks on Frederick after a romp in the snow.  My laundry room was PILED with snowy clothes!
 I love my kids all snuggled together in bed.  Obviously this was a day they were allowed to watch television.  Unlike today :(
Margaret prepared pumpkin spice bars for an auction/bake sale at church last night.  Unfortunately we waited until the last minute on these but they got done in time!!  They were her idea and turned out great!

I'm very excited about a secret project the kids are working on with their cousins for Christmas dinner at Mammaw and Grandpa Foster's house.  I can't write it here in case they're reading. . .so. . if you are, now you know you have something to look forward to!  Can't wait to be there!!!

Tom's on his way home. . .I'm off to my final final. . .


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