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Time to Catch Up -- Another Snow Day (or week)

This is my journal, yet I haven't had *time* to journal in the last 6 weeks or so.  I miss writing down these mundane memories. . .especially since I enjoy going back and seeing where we were and where we are. . .life is just a wonderful adventure!

Our back deck (it isn't covered) didn't have anything on it so I think the accumulation is more of an effect of blowing snow then actual snow fall.  Ugh, but it is COLD.  Today's high is 22, low 7.  Tomorrow isn't looking much better.  I think we better plan on being out of school until 2011.  The YMCA even closed this morning -- I'm supposed to work on snow days but since almost all streets are a sheet of ice travel around here is minimal this morning.

The kids were all outside at 7:35.  AM.  Ugh.  The last one came back in at 7:48.  I don't understand why they spend all the time getting layers and layers of clothes on and then five minutes outside (that's when the first one came back in). . .you should see the pile of snow-covered clothes in the laundry room!!!!!!!!!!  Oh it frustrates me so. . .I really hate snow.  And ice.  And cold.  And losing routine.  And being stuck inside. 

Moving backwards. . .

This weekend Frederick was in our small-town parade with the Cub Scouts.
Tom was riding on the other side of the float/trailer. . .by the time they got to us (about 50 minutes into the parade) they were out of candy.  Tom said they threw it all at the beginning. . .the kids didn't understand how long the parade route was.  We didn't either. . .

Santa eventually came through (I think the number on his truck was in the 100's) and we headed out.  It wasn't too cold where we were, but we were standing for almost 2-hours. . .Tom said it was very cold riding on the "float".  I can't believe that is the first parade we've been to in the five years we've lived here. . .they did a really, really good job with it!

Continuing backwards. . .
Last weekend the tree was trimmed and stockings hung. . .

Colored lights and all.  I was out-voted this year.  We're keeping it minimal due to having the house on the market and just the fact that we're never here for Christmas.  Tom brought in as few boxes as possible and none of them even contained the tree skirt. 
We will "do" Christmas, just the six of us, on Sunday which is our tradition.  The kids each draw names and fill one another's stockings and we will get them a few gifts or one big one.  Haven't decided on that yet.  Isn't that awful???  We did all the "Santa" shopping on Black Friday and sent it all back to OH with my mom and in-laws who were here for the holiday.  He (Santa) got them all the "good stuff". . .we do three gifts each from Santa. . .Santa also leaves Baby Jesus out for the kids to place in the manger Christmas morning.  But then we are always "stuck" as to what to get them.  My mom got them all iPod Nanos for Christmas this year -- they will love those!!!  I think we might do a basketball hoop?  Nothing big is really hitting us. . .
I stay traditional with Christmas -- the tree has old ornaments, new ornaments, kids' handmade ornaments. . .they all make the cut!  I think I'd really like to do something better with the stockings one year. . .may be my gift to myself when we (hopefully, someday) have a fireplace.  These are just what I bought for each of the kiddos their first Christmases. 

That weekend we also attempted Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls!

Confession:  They were much more fun to make then to eat.  No one really liked them.  We had SIX pans and gave a few away (I know, I know. . .they were good, just not great. . .turns out Marie's 4th grade teachers really liked them. . .goes to show. . .).  I think the kids liked the process of making them and the idea of it but either I did something wrong (completely possible) or we just like the fat and sugar content of "the kind you buy in the store" (Thomas's quote). 

We did, however, make another treat that weekend that turned out *really* well:

You wouldn't believe how easy. . .pretzels, rolos candy, and nuts or M&M's to top it off.  This was a blog find :)

Continuing to move backwards. . .finally finished these:

Oh, they've been a long time in the making.  I can't even find the "before" pictures right now!  But in anticipation of a Realtor caravan coming through a couple weeks ago I decided this *must* be done.  It's not professional. . .just some fabric stapled on the top of the old foam.  A 100% difference though :)

Yes, our house is on the market.  Did I mention that?  In the midst of everything else.  There's never a good time for that though.  No reason except to maybe get closer to town if it does sell.  I *hate* having it on the market and having to make sure it's always "perfect" before leaving but we'll be happy to get a little closer to town if it does happen. . .time will tell. . .

Tom's parents and my mom came down for Thanksgiving this year.  Tom's cousin, Debbie, always hosts at her home about an hour and a half away.  Look at her beautiful welcome this year:

Hmmmm. . .the picture's a little crooked. . . .oh well. . .it's just a beautiful, welcoming site.  They make two turkeys every year, one fried, one roasted.  Their kids "fit" right in age-wise with ours. . .even though we live fairly close we don't see much of each other b/c with four children each, schedules rarely coincide.  Thanksgiving, though, has become a tradition.  Here we all are:
My mother is hidden in the back and Frederick is a little hard to see but overall I think this is a great group shot!  Here is a pic of my mother and me:
Anyhow. . .moving on. . .or backward. . .

The previous weekend my dad and stepmom had been here for Thomas's 12th birthday party, Frederick's baptism, and then stayed an extra day to watch one of Thomas's basketball games.

The birthday party was at a skating rink. . .but the pictures didn't turn out too well.  I couldn't stay because I had a work meeting.  Ugh.
(Thomas is in the blue shirt, Frederick in the black-and-red shorts) 
He had a friend from school, one from soccer, one from church, and one from swimming -- quite an array!  We sent out probably twenty invitations. . .but. . .busy lives. . .

The baptism was very special.  Brother Rick did the baptism and Thomas and Tom were with him. . .(I was on the "women's side" taking pictures)

The basketball game Monday night was good too -- Thomas played more than normal. . .this is his first year playing so most of the other sixth graders who have been playing together for years get all the floor time. . .it's fun to see him out there!  He scored six points that night I believe.
 Funny thing about this picture. . .the kid to Thomas's left is the same one who was at his party two days before!  Friends playing on opposing teams. . .

Mammaw, Thomas, and Grandpa Foster

Bonnie (Mammaw, my stepmother) also bought a beautiful Christmas present for me while she was here -- LOVE it!!!!
The mirror in the center of the wall.  There's been a big "hole" on that wall since we re-painted the room in March.  This was just *perfect* for the space.  We found it at a local shop and called Tom to measure the space. . .then the owner said it was "clearance, 1/2 off" so then it was a done-deal.  I LOVE it!!!

The last thing I have left to "dump" here is Thomas's 12th birthday!  Every birthday is a big deal, of course, but with his being the last of four that span from the beginning of Sept until November 17th it's a tad anti-climatic.  He enjoyed his special day and picked. . . .
for dinner.  We waited on the birthday cake (well, peanutbutter pie) until Mammaw and Grandpa got here. . .

We got the chair picture and photo with his siblings too. . .these traditions are important to me.

I have spent the better part of the day on this!!!  The girls have been out in the cold again, Thomas made cupcakes, Marie tried making snow candy, the boys got out the video camera, the girls took a long bath, Frederick brought in the mail which contained two January magazine issues. . .I have browsed a bazillion blogs. . .great, fun, relaxing day!  Glad to have this posted. . .now on to finish making Christmas gifts. . .


  1. Wow!!!! Sounds like you guys have been busy! I have really wanted to try those Cinnamon Rolls but haven't tried them yet - they just look so time consuming!!! :)

  2.'ve been super busy!! How do you fit it all in with school?!

    As far as your girlfriend in FL goes, funny to find crafty EE's out there, huh? I've got one girlfriend over here that falls into the same category. I think us female EE's are few and far between...and then to find one that enjoys 'crafts' and such too...well, that's a rarity! I actually live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. If your girlfriend lives anywhere around here, I'd love to meet up! It'd be so fun to actually meet a bloggy friend in real life instead of just virtual life (although I do enjoy all of the virtual friendships!). I told my husband I had big plans for him with cooking and cleaning and house maybe you know that's coming and that's why you're not euphoric about it?! Or maybe it'll take getting a job where you use your new Master's for it to all feel euphoric. It's hard with so much going on for the holidays with little ones too! But it's a huge accomplishment and you should be so proud of yourself!!

    Spouses DO rock!! On both ends :-).

    Happy Tuesday!


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