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Silly game

My kids wanted to play "the chocolate chip game" last night so I relented. Tom doesn't like them to have chocolate after 6 p.m. but it's really just a few chocolate chips. . . .and I'm tellin' ya, it's the silliest game ever but I love that they still "get into it" even though they are 11, 9, 8, and 6. I think I made it up when Thomas was 4 or 5. . .I don't even really remember. . .it's just one of those traditions that I don't want to forget and play with grandchildren someday!!!

Be prepared. . .it's a silly, silly game but if you have young ones, they will LOVE it. Also note, we have lots of rules because that is how my kids function. Most "normal" families don't have to have so many stipulations but it appears that I'm raising a passel of lawyers around here. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. . .

Supplies: 1 die, 6 post-it notes, chocolate chips
Write one of each of the six numbers on a post-it note than each child chooses a number and sticks it on their shirt. And yes, we have an "order" in which they can pick -- no detail goes undetected.

Then, basically, you roll the die. If it lands on "2" whoever has the two picks up the die and returns it in exchange for a chocolate chip. If I have the 2, than whomever "wins" the next round gets double. With four kids, I always have two numbers so chances of rolling my numbers are greater but they like that because then they get double on the next roll (if their number is rolled).

O.K., here are the "extra" rules we have to have, well, because, my kids are Bells. 1) If the die touches any part of your body while it is bouncing around on the floor than you give up your number until the next person wins. (This alleviates anyone saying "she touched it" and so on.) 2) You can only trade numbers after someone wins -- my numbers are always up to be traded but if you want another person's number they have to be willing to trade or have lost their number b/c they touched the die. 3) I put a handful of chocolate chips in a bowl and when they are gone, the game is over. No "one more please" or anything like that. We'd go on ALL NIGHT LONG if I was just picking out of the bag. M&Ms work well too.

That's it! Have fun with it. . .you can't imagine how much time kids will spend playing for a few chocolate chips :) Some of the my kids like to get out little cups to collect their chips in and eat them all at the end. . .last night Margaret ended up with 18 chips (she won a lot on doubles) and Thomas only had 6. It's the way it works. . .a good early lesson in probability!I am linking to WFMW over at We are THAT family. Click over there to find some more ideas for your Easter weekend!


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