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A Weekend in Review

I have homework due in three hours so naturally I'm procrastinating by typing a blog post. Mainly because I have really missed blogging these past couple CRAZY weeks. And also because I really don't want to think about homework tonight. So. . .the deal with myself is I'm going to warm up with my cup of hot cocoa and write a random post, then I'm going to go and do my homework before I log on to Facebook or anything else that I might find to do on the computer that is unproductive.

My friend Jill sent me a blog that she follows. . .I LOVE it!!! I have spent the better part of the last two hours browsing. . .my IRL friends always thinks I'm "weird" when I say I feel like I know these ladies that I follow. . .but I really DO feel like I know them!!! At least enough to look to them for advice, or relate a story they tell, or whatever. Is that weird? Since you're reading my blog you must have some opinion. . .at least you understand blogging (maybe?). So, I encourage you to check out this blog titled Whatever. . .I love, love, love the verse she's attached to it. (Phil. 4:8 if you're wondering and don't want to click over. . .)
Guess I'm going backwards with my weekend with this post. . .oh well.
For dinner tonight we tried something new. . .The kids weren't wild about them. I couldn't let them know I felt the same way so I said "wow, these are flavorful". I wasn't lying. I'm a plain ol' Hillshire Farm girl if we are going to do smoked sausage. . .but it's always worth it to try something new.

I made some potatoes to go with it. . .I drizzled EVOO (extra virgin olive oil for you non-Rachel Ray people) on the baking sheet, cut up some cleaned red potatoes, then sprinkled with this Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt. I baked them on the top rack of a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes or so. They were delish!
These two things along with some buttered green beans. . .an easy Sunday night meal. And it's great to have the weather in which to comfortably grill again :)

We played tennis with our good friends this afternoon. My husband and I were CREAMED. . .then when it was girls against boys we were down 5-6 when one of the 8 children we responsible for banged his head and was done for the day. Considering he's only 18 months, he was doing well to let us play that long!!

My family ran errands with me today after church -- I love it when they help me out like that! We hit Sam's Club first and dropped our weekly $111 there. . .whew! Since it was right after church, we also ordered a pizza and a couple of pretzels in the deli and ate that to keep everyone happy. "Lunch" for 6 for less than $14 -- can't beat that! I had a Wal-Mart list to tackle too so that was our next stop. . .and another $106. Ugh! And neither of those totals included any meat for the week. . .so I'll be out again once I plan some meals. . .but the W-M total did include a gift for a birthday party Thomas is attending on Friday -- so I'm ahead of the game there!

Last night Thomas and I were privileged to serve at an event called The Hero's Ball (I hope to get some pics and post about that later this week) with Rising Above Ministries. It is an annual event to honor those in our city's special needs' community and their families. What a blessing it was to be part of this 4th annual event! I believe they were expecting more than 300 guests. . .they had the "red carpet" treatment, a delicious meal, and plenty of dancing too.

Yesterday morning/afternoon I also got some tennis in with a good tennis buddy. It was a bit chilly but after all these freezing temperatures and unexpected snow of the season, the sunshine and clear courts were WELCOME. I didn't have a lot of energy the first set and almost quit after that but the sun started to shine and feel warm and gave me a much-needed boost the second set and I was so glad I had stuck it out. The rest of my family met me after my game and we all went to IHOP -- that is a real treat!! They all ordered breakfast but it was after 11 by that time so I had a burger. . .hey, it was a meal I didn't have to plan, cook, or clean up after. The $50+ is hard to take but we don't do it often. . .

Friday night Tom and I watched 17 Again. It was a surprisingly good movie! We are thinking about letting the kids watch it. . .it is PG-13 (understandably) but since they didn't mire it up with tons of foul language I think I can take it. The sexual message, although not pure, was still better than most movies and they have to be exposed sometime. . .right? Might as well be home with us where we can discuss it if they have questions. And like I told Tom, it could all go over their heads too. . .sometimes I think we're more sensitive to it than the kids are. . .generally my kids pick out the strangest things to focus on anyway. And Ned was a great character!

Friday afternoon I subbed in my kids school (love doing that!) but before I went in I had to go talk to Margaret's teacher about some of the missing work that was on her report card. Margaret insisted that she couldn't find it anywhere. When I actually went into her classroom to "help" her look for it she started crying real tears when I asked to look in her desk. Tears I tell ya! (She's in 2nd grade.) Anyway, she eventually moved away from her desk and it took me at least 15 minutes to clean it out. . .this is what I found:You want to know how big that pile is? Here is a side view:
I found all this plus two folders. . .and her teacher walked by and had NO IDEA she had this much *c#@p* in there. I believe it. You should see her room (actually I tried to find a picture but am not coming across it right now. . .I used it in their ABC album this year for "M - messy"). She has such a hard time keeping everything together and put away. I really believe she has severe ADD and organization is just painful to her. I try to be patient. . .but. . .c'mon. . .there were things in there from December. Oh well. . .something to work on. . .

Anyway, we did find all but one of the papers that was "missing" (and only one was completely done) so as far as she was able to tell me she completed what I left for her at school and turned it in. Believe it or not, her grades are fine. . .she catches on pretty quickly. . .when she's paying attention. . .

Well, time to tackle that discussion group question for my online psychology class that is due in 2 hours now. . .and the question is killing me: explain why punishment doesn't work. UGH! Are you KIDDING me?!? I think I found some good wording in my textbook though, to get around this. And I'll see what the others are saying too. . .:)

Posts like this are for ME. . .I hope to come back in a year. . .five years. . .and see this little slice of my life. And what was important and laugh. . .really, my biggest problems were the 50+ papers that were shoved in a 2nd grader's desk?!? And I don't know how to spin a discussion question in my online class? Yep, I am blessed beyond measure.

My uncle sent some more pics from our FL trip. . .thought I'd share a couple more. . .this time last weekend we were soaking in their hot tub under the Florida nighttime sky :)


  1. Thanks for the update... as always, lunch sometime? :) I miss you bunches. Maybe, just maybe, we can get together...

  2. I *did* come back and read this. . .almost 3 years later! Wow. So glad to have these memories recorded. And the 50+ papers in Margaret's desk and her messy bedroom are *still* a problem. . .and I still read and love the blog "Whatever". . .seems like she's grown in her life a little more then I have in the last three years. Sometimes I see the great leaps in life and sometimes I'm disappointed by how "the same" everything is. . .but I don't know that "sameness" is a bad thing. . .
    I'm glad the subbing days are behind me. . .and now we make the red seasoned potatoes *all* the time (well, Marie does!). . .and we did let the kids watch 17 Again last fall. . .and I miss playing tennis but now coach for our middle school team. . .and can't believe that little guy who hit his head is going to kindergarten next year! I think the most disappointing part of this post is that my education didn't bring me anything that I thought it would. . .basically, except for the satisfaction of saying that I have a Master's Degree, it does seem to have any "reward" attached to it. That was a lot of time and money for "nothing". Oh well. . .there is a divine plan for my life and I am certain that time at TTU was part of it.


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