September 2018 - Pictures of the Day

I have been doing Picture of the Day for ages now.  (I explained it a little bit here.)  Especially before Facebook -- that just gave me a great place to collect my pictures in one place.  Way back when I started homeschooling, I had the idea that we would take pictures and journal about them as writing assignments (I was a big scrapbooker back in the day). . .the journaling part never really took off, but Picture of the Day did :)

So. . .here is my September wrap-up, all in one spot (for my future reference. . .browse through if you like).

It takes me forever from start-to-finish on a blog post. . .hence why the pictures are unedited.  Maybe someday I'll figure out a system for that too.

September 1st -
Her Bell grandparents were down for the weekend and sat out in the hot, hot summer days to cheer this girl and her team on during a local tournament.  They lost badly against one team and won another. . .this is her last high school year so a special time for her and them for sure.

September 2nd -
We celebrated this guy's birthday a day early -- one of his gifts was a watch :)

September 3rd -
All together at the Birthday Boy's choice -- Chick-fil-A.  Yep, Robert is in that picture too -- so glad he doesn't like to miss a chance to see his grandparents or celebrate with us either.
Fifteen -- I just can't believe it.  Here is a post from his 8th birthday!
Annual Chair Picture. . .wasn't a Picture of the Day but should still be noted :)

September 4th -
Tom comes home from work most days for lunch -- some days he says the dog won't even get out of bed to greet him (she's only 6 but l.a.z.y) but she will do this for the squirrel she spotted on our back fence.
I love our backyard :)

September 5th - must have been a busy day -- I didn't post anything.  I try to capture even the routine and mundane because ordinary is extraordinary in the scope of it all.
I did listen to a Ted Talk that I was directed to from a month-long challenge (Your Best Beautiful Life - Edie Wadsworth).  If you have time, I highly, highly recommend this 20-minute talk by Mel Robbins - find it here.

September 6th -
A game in Greenville (an hour east of here, on a Thursday night!!  They ended up losing this game (that they should have won) so it wasn't a happy evening, but the weather was perfect and time together is always a gift.  (My caption was - "Can't find our girl?  She's the short one!")  It's been neat having her in the staring lineup every game with her name announced -- she is having a great senior season.
As an aside, this was the same day at the 5/3 shooting in Cincinnati -- and my BIL was in the thick of it, having arrived to work a bit late and still in the lobby when it all went down.  I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with my sister during the game, being reminded yet again  of how life can change on a dime and we need to live as if this is it.

September 7th -
Margaret told us about a new dog park in Knoxville so we went to check it out -- we love it!  In fact, I don't think we've been back to the previous two we used to frequent since this discovery.  She doesn't get to swim here but the walking area for us is so much bigger/nicer.

September 8th -

We have been considering having a couple of my rings re-done for several years now -- we went to a place that was recommended by a work friend and when he was cleaning the ring Mama Bell (Tom's paternal grandmother) gave me, a diamond fell out.  I was already missing a stone from my wedding set and another stone was damaged so we left them behind with some redesign ideas in the hand of a jeweler.  I'm surprised how much I miss wearing my engagement ring and wrap!

September 9th -

Frederick got some golf stuff for his birthday in response to all the golfing he got to do in Ohio this summer -- so he's been hitting the links at a local community course.  Sometimes Tom goes with him and sometimes we drop him off to run errands and come back to get him.  The latter was the case on September 9th.

September 10th -

We missed one of her Chattanooga games (but her brother went!) and this is some photo evidence from the game, taken by our trusty photographer :)  Apparently she was being "talked to" about a foul she didn't commit -- hahahaha.  She looks so innocent in the picture, well, because apparently she was!!!  The caption posted on Facebook was "The captain taking the scolding from Ref for a foul she didn't commit. . ."

September 11th -
Senior banners are up!!!  This got the MOST "likes" this month :)
And I can't resist a picture of our new football/soccer field -- I was trying to capture the beautiful sky but without the right camera or angle. . .this is all I got.  But this in itself is very memorable for our school, that just celebrated their 10-year anniversary and was one of the last in the county to get a turf field.
September 12th -

Busy Wednesday dinner -- school, work, soccer, tennis, church, grocery store. . .THEN dinner (no one person did all that -- just an accumulation of everything on our family calendar)

September 13th -
This was so much FUN to listen to.  The three kids were going through their yearbook, talking about people, activities, teachers, etc.  I loved to hear how much their lives intersect outside of this house.

September 14th -

Tom's birthday!!  I always love this day because (1) I love him and (2) it's the day of the year that he catches up to me age-wise ;)  This was after tennis, out with our friends at our favorite little Friday night place.

September 15th -
Another city, another meal at CFA. . .together.  YEA!  (Marie had another HS tournament halfway between here and Chattanooga so Robert drove up to join us.)
September 16th -
Framily friend Tommy said he doesn't see enough of her on Facebook. . .plus, they matched :)

September 17th -
I didn't get her Homecoming pictures (and really only got this one of her alone) until Monday, so although this was taken Friday, it was my POTD for Monday. . .she is a beauty!!  (And it was my second-most liked photo of the month)
September 18th -

My company's president became the Knoxville AFEA's chapter president and this was our first event -- a presentation on Social Security.  Click here if you are interested in learning more.

And then, later that night, this happened in our kitchen -- couldn't pass up a second Picture of the Day :)

September 19th -
Since I left teaching in 2016, I have gotten to be a part of our local Bible Study Fellowship.  My sweet friend started attending with me last year and this was the first time this year that she was able to go.
September 20th -

Yes, yes, this happened!!!  This guy was soooooo patient - since his birthday was on a holiday this year, then we all went back to work/school. . .I just kept forgetting to block time to take him for his test.  He passed :)  But no, I'm NOT the driving instructor. . .his daddy is very, very good at that.

September 21st -

My favorite picture from the game vs Maryville. . .she asked that we use it for Senior night this week.

September 22nd -
We got the chance to go to Cookeville to place in a tennis tournament and this is me with one of my tennis buddies from all those years ago.  I'm so glad we got to play together again!!  We were doing great, but got rained out in the middle of our second match (we were up. . .)

Gotta post these other pictures from the day though. . .these two played together and also won both their matches.

And another tennis buddy came by to cheer us on (and brought the rain?) -- I miss these ladies so much!!!

September 23rd -
Hahaha - I had my oldest and his friends request to be Picture of the Day.  Sponsored by Kleenex, of course :)

September 24th -

Margaret painted our mantle for us!  I like the color -- I changed it from an off-white to a green a couple of years ago.  We were tired of that so tried something new :)

September 25th -
I did a Day in the Life post on this day -- this is the picture I used for the thumbnails for the couple of blogs I linked it up to.

September 26th -
This one got the most comments of all of my September posts. . .the one post that will make me cry more than once before this year is over.

September 27th -

Another video.  It was pouring rain. . .standing puddles on our new high school turf field (you can see her make sure she runs through each one. . .and yes, she's 17).  The score was 6-0 against our crosstown rival school at halftime. . .and the game was called.  Kinda anti-climatic, but a blessing in that weather!  It secured the team's 1st place in our division, leading into district playoffs.

Except I cannot get the video from where I edited it to here. . .so I'll post a picture (it was still raining!) that our team photographer got after this joyful win.
September 28th -
Our Friday tennis bunch out for pizza (and a salad for Tom) after a night on the courts.

September 29th -
Me and my daughters.  Love.  The girls had gone to a volleyball game at one school, then a soccer game downtown to cheer on Laura's JV squad. . .I had played tennis that morning, as had Stephen. . .we all met together downtown for breakfast/lunch.

September 30th -

So this guy has been driving to tennis all week with Tom. . .this was my first experience having him chauffeur me around.  I'm so glad it's our last one!!

Happy October All!!! We have soccer district (and maybe further?) championships, Fall Break, I get to play in a regional tennis tournament in Little Rock with my 6.0 mixed doubles team (from this summer), and Laura turns 18.  I'll need to keep up with Picture of the Day just to keep up with my own life and memories :)

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