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A Day in the Life - May 2017

Last Friday I decided at 6:31 a.m. as I was making my morning hot chocolate, that it would be a good day for a "Day in the Life" post.  Time is screaming by and I want to remember the little things that make us, us.

My iPad (!!!) hot chocolate, cup of water, and Marie making her coffee.  Tom had already left for work by then with his clementine and cheese sticks in hand.  I had eyes rolled at me when I tried to snap that picture.  Marie said today would not be a good day for a post because it wasn't "typical". . .but every day is special -- some just more jam-packed then others.  I enjoy both types of days -- just not too many of either in a row ;)

I got an e-mail the night before saying that Frederick didn't have a permission slip on file for the math competition he was going to that day at the local community college so I had to write one out quickly.  Also, they were going for pizza at  lunch and that is NOT a good thing for his tummy so I packed him a sandwich -- a real treat for him since I don't pack lunches normally.

(How it all turned out -- he did not place in the competition but two students from our school, a 6th and 8th grader, did.  Also, somehow this sandwich was misplaced and he never ate it.  Tally in the column of why I don't pack lunches -- many times they don't get eaten!)

When I was teaching, we left the house at 6:40 each morning so we could get to school in time to watch the morning news headlines :)

Now Marie (she drives everyone to school -- so nice!) doesn't leave until 7:20 so we catch up with the headlines together.

This particular day, though, I drove them to school because Frederick was having a friend over after school and that mom preferred that a teenage driver not bring him home.  I completely understand and it's such a privilege, in this season of life, to be able to drive and pick up the kiddos :)

 It was a chilly, rainy morning here in East Tennessee.  The dog was with me and since there was a break in the rain we headed to our favorite dog park.
Not surprisingly, we were the only ones there at 7:30 on a yucky day. . .Chelsea loved my complete attention though!
Waiting at the gate for me to go into the lake area. . .

I'm not getting there fast enough so she had to run back to make sure I was coming :)

Not a clear shot, but but one of 7 or 10 jumps that morning!
Why we love this park so much -- LOTS of swimming!!

 I always try to do several laps around the park and she generally stays pretty close to us.  On nice afternoons there will be anywhere from 50-75 dogs here!!

And here she is chasing another ball. . .although Thomas can throw that far I have to use a tennis racquet to help me :)

Happy, dirty dog. . .

What do "at-home" wives/moms do all day?
There is never a shortage of chores. . .

Most days Tom and Thomas (he is interning in the shop for the company Tom works for this spring) come home for lunch but this day is was only Thomas. . .nice to have him home midday. . .

 And this girl passed out from her morning exercise :)

Speaking of exercise, my 7 a.m. cardio tennis was canceled due to low numbers so I hopped in for the noon class -- there were 14 of us (2 courts) that day.  One of my favorite activities.

And look at my steps by 1 p.m.!!

A shower at the health club and quick run to pick up some hanging shelving and shoe hanger for my spring closet turn-over.  The day before I had re-purposed my shoe hanger in my pantry from something I saw on Pinterest :)

This happened Thursday. . .I saw an idea about using a shoe organizer for your snacks and other dry goods in the pantry.  This freed up SO MUCH space on my shelves. . .back to Friday. . .

Unfortunately, when I do do school pick-ups and such in the middle of the day, projects like this get left mid-completion. . .in the end (no final picture since I really didn't complete the project until Monday) I got rid of all my baskets that had been previously sitting on the floor and returned to Target for another hanging shelf -- those things are great!
School pick-up. . .

And then home to clean up my "closet mess", pack, and back on the road for a soccer weekend in Franklin with Marie.  Yes, all of this for two nights away. . .
cooler of water & snacks, soccer bag, two overnight bags, chair, extra towels and blanket
On the road. . .
still rainy and cold. . .

We were making an overnight stop in Cookeville for dinner with friends and Phantom of the Opera!!
Marie and I both had a friend join us for dinner. . .

And look at this line for Phantom:
this was *just* the pre-sale line. . .there was another one with people who had just bought their tickets at the door.  And this is 1/2-hour before showtime.  A high school play.  That is how good -- we have driven the 1.5 hours for the last three years to see their productions!!

 These actors, and many others, are the other reason we keep coming back. . .life-long, good friends of this girl.  They are superstars!

While we were in Cookeville doing our thing, Margaret was the star of her own show in her school's Art Show:

And Thomas had some fans come visit him during his LAST shift at Chick-fil-A. . .it's been a great job for him.   
Those were my pictures-of-the-day. . .kudos to Tom for taking and sending them to me :)

The play ran late (almost 11) and we had changed time zones so it was midnight for us. . .Thomas's prom date was also in the production (4 costume changes!!) and her family had invited us to stay with them overnight.  When we got to her house we waited up for her and got some "behind the scenes" scoop from her before heading to bed about 1:30. . .we were up the next morning and treated to a wonderful breakfast :)  I told our hosts we pay $200/night for hotels with this kind of service ;)  We were back on the road at 10:15 and arrived at the fields at 12:15. . .in what turned out to be a wonderful weekend, just my girl and me.

Disclaimer:  I don't intend for anyone to be overly-interested into this snapshot of our lives, but I want to journal the details of "life now" because I know time is fleeting. . .Love, Jenni


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