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One MoreTime?

We were traveling Sunday and I happened to have a camera so I snapped a pic:
This is the most perfect name ever for a boat, in my opinion.
Actually, THIS is what we looked like Saturday when we were taking our boat out one more time:
Thomas brought a friend with him to the lake so I was driving behind them. . .the truck only fits the 6 of us so we were often taking two vehicles to the lake this year.  I couldn't resist one more picture. . .the leaves are beginning to change and I just love, love, love the mountains. . .
Robert was in the car with me. . .he offered to take these pictures
 Our destination :)  Thomas and his friend Edward went out on the new dock to get close to the water before the boat and the others showed up.  We got there about 12:30. . .it would never be this dead on a Saturday in the summer!  The kids also noticed how low the lake was compared to earlier this summer:
This picture was taken on our first outing this year. . .you can see how the bases of the trees were under water.
 We made a quick stop at the marina to use the restroom and feed the turtles. . .
Margaret was the crazy one, jumping full-in to the icy cold water. . .with a smile on her face and everything :)
 This is Thomas (on right) with his friend Edward. . .I think it's great that two 7th grade boys let me take their picture!
Beautiful Marie
I had to jump a little ahead in our day to find a picture of Frederick but here it is!  (BTW, Tom cut that mop off his head the next day -- yea.)
Robert and Edward headed out on the tube. . .
Looking mighty relaxed, huh?

Somehow, Thomas always managed to stay on. . .unfortunately for Edward, he didn't fare as well.  He was one cold boy when he climbed back on to the boat!

The smiles, the pure joy. . .priceless
The girls went out on the tube together too.
Of course, their instructions were clear. . .go slow. . .go straight. . .we don't want to fall off. . .

Then we stopped for some lunch. . . I tried another panorama shot. . .looks like I have a little "skip" in it but I think it captures the essence of the day perfectly.  Here is a shot of the other 180 degrees:
Just perfect quietness out there.  Everyone but me made it to the island (no food on the boat. . .crumbs = mice). . .some ferrying themselves on the tube to stay out of the cold water.  The sun, however, was out and bright and warm. . .I was just wearing short sleeves so you all know it must have been 80 degrees or so.  LOVE THIS WEATHER.
Picture of lunch on the island with some of them
Out an about exploring. . .
The big boys paddled the tube out to the island. . .apparently they never got there?!?  I'm not exactly sure where they were but they made it back so all is well. . .
Frederick. . .
Marie and Margaret. . .they are not supposed to have their lifejackets undone. . .I think they thought we were too far away to see. . .and we were but my super-lens picked it up!
THE MUD!!!!!!!!!
And some peace, while the five kids were out "doing their thing" :)
Then back on the lake for some kneeboarding. . .
This is the kneeboard that Tom got on his 17th birthday!  Ha!  Bet he never in a million years thought his son would be on it someday :)
Edward tried his hand (knees?) at it too but it wasn't really his thing.
Those on the boat weren't too interested in the kneeboarding. . .

So Thomas decided that he might try skiing. . .

He did great!

Edward did good too:

And then, best of all, Tom jumped in:
Man, it was COLD.  He got in to. . .

Thomas was snapping these pictures because I was driving and this is all he got.  He kept complaining that the boat was too bumpy. . .I figured out afterward that he was zooming in too far.  Oh well. . .it was fun, through the ski mirror, to see my guy ski again.  It's been sooooooo long.  And he's still just as good. . .jumping those wakes and showing off those guns (at least you can see those in this picture -- ha!).

Would you believe that, although you are tired of reading this post (and so far it's taken me four days to complete it), the KIDS weren't tired yet so we headed to the beach.
It was deserted. . .good for the kids!
Margaret. . .right at home at any beach.
The white poles are water tables. . .in the spring/summer they are mostly under water.
There go the big boys. . .such fun!
Frederick hunting or gathering sand or something. . .:)
Marie never ventured to the water's edge.  She's my girl :)
 It's fun to sit on the boat and watch what is going on but be too far away to really hear them. . .
 Oh yea, Margaret and Edward ventured out into the water again. . .they are trying to balance on the swimming markers
 And there goes Thomas
 They were having a contest to see who could balance on the tubing the longest.
 Margaret brought a "treasure" over for me to photograph. . .we don't bring shells and rocks home but I'll always take a picture for the memory. . .I have dozens of pictures (which take up a lot less room then the actual objects would!)
The moon was out. . .time to head in. . .
 Thomas brought us up to the dock.  He still doesn't have his boating license. . .grrrr. . .2 years now. . .
 Margaret found my People magazine (which I rarely purchase and she loves)
And this is it. . .pulling the boat out for the last time this 2011 boating season.  It's been a great one.  Thank you, always, Grandpa Fred, for letting us use your boat each season.  Here are a few of other posts I did this year here and here and here and here.  Wow.  Good times, good memories!


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