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Long Week

This was my favorite picture of the day this week -- Wednesday morning before the Bells left we were able to get a pretty good shot of Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Kathy, and all the kids.  Wish there was a way to photoshop Tom into that mix. . .it would be the perfect family picture then!

Tuesday I worked a full day but Tom took the day off and everyone went boating.  I heard it was a gorgeous day and luckily Kathy took pictures for me :)
 Thomas and his friend, JJ, taking a dump on the tube. . .I've been trying to get a picture like this all year!!!
 I think this is my favorite. . .Marie and Nana
 Marie and Nana again :)
 Aunt Kathy and her mini-me, Margaret
 Chasing Grandpa. . .
 He's a little faster on land without his webbed shoes :)
 Aunt Kathy out on the tube with Marie. . .
 . . .and then Frederick (who, apparently, didn't need his hands -- ha!)
 Aunt Kathy was the lone skier that day
 Cliff jumping. . .Fredrick splashing down
And there is Thomas flying through the air (remember you can click on the picture to enlarge them)

Later that night the boys got their "3 Generation" picture taken:
The day before I was able to get a three generation picture with Nana, Aunt Kathy, and each of the girls:

We went to Knoxville for the day.  First we tried this place and were less than impressed.  It was farther east and a total waste of time. . .just very, very out-dated and not much there. . .this is one instance where the web site did a *wonderful* sales job. . .

. . .pinned up bugs and butterflies (interesting, but not for $26). . .
 And this hands-on weights-and-pulley demonstration.  It was just a bust.  I don't think I could take a classroom of kids there. . .oh well.  Live and learn.
So we headed off to our second choice, American Museum of Science and Energy.  It was only our second choice because we had just been there a few weeks ago -- it's an *excellent* museum and I knew the Bells would really enjoy it.  The kids did too.  I discovered an exhibit I didn't see last time:
 Flat roof housing built in the Secret City (later established as Oak Ridge, TN) during the 1940's.
The house on-site is in its (almost) original state, having been virtually untouched structurally by the family that used it for thirty years prior to it coming to the museum.  Just 572 square feet. . .two bedrooms and one bath. . .all the furniture made on-site once the house came (they were trucked in). . .some days they were put up at a rate of one every 30 minutes!  It's interesting the quality of work that went into these little modular homes.  I love museums that you can walk through and experience.
 Kitchen.  The fridge was to your right and you can see the stove sticking out in the lower left corner of the photograph.  Not much room in here!
The front door was flush on the wall behind the table. . .this would have been the living and eating room. . .the radio was placed on the wall to the right
 One of two bedrooms -- the other room was furnished with a double bed
And look at the size of the closet (to the right of the desk)!!
 TINY bathroom, too, with just a shower stall.  Definitely not room for more than one person in there!!
 Very, very efficient.  I can imagine how hot, sticky, and miserable the summers would be in those small, wood houses.

The boys hit the K'Nex area again and since I didn't want to buy the creations we took a picture to remember them by:
 Look!  I made it into this one :)
And here's one with the Bells. . .
Between the Knoxville trip and the day on the boat, Margaret had a chance to perform at the county fair in a talent show with her friend, Grace.
 Aren't they cute up there?  Grace is on the left, Margaret on the right.
 These two came up with the dance all on their own.  So proud of them!
 Margaret said she wasn't a bit nervous -- I believe her!
 Although they didn't place, they did a fantastic job and both moms and both dads were there to see this first duet debut on stage!!!

As usually happens, this post has taken about three days to put up :)  After the Bells left Wednesday (the picture that started this post!), the kids got back into their schoolwork -- we'd taken a couple days off for this special visit.  Thomas had three soccer games this weekend, his team winning two of them!  I wasn't able to be at the Saturday game where he scored the only goal in one of the games they won. . .I was at an all-day scrapbooking thing.  It wasn't the most successful day I've ever had but Dad, if you're reading this, at least you now know you'll be getting a Christmas gift this year -- ha! 

Up this week:  soccer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. . POWER gymnastics Thursday; work Tuesday; tennis, library, and some tests at the kids' school tomorrow; and Y soccer starts up Friday night for the boys. . .in addition, meetings at church Wednesday night and after services on Sunday.  Whew!  This might be "it" for another week :)

A couple of shots of Thomas (in white) out on the field Friday night:

And I just realized it's already Monday morning.  'Night All!


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