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My (Mostly) Clean House

There are few things in life that make me as happy as a clean house!!!  I think most people can say that. . .there's just something about having everything in it's place, clean, and happy.  There's a difference between "perfect" and "clean" in my book. . .like the title says, it's *mostly* clean.  Meaning, the kids didn't clean under their beds.  All the trashes haven't been taken out.  There are still piles.  We LIVE here.  But yesterday, home alone, I was happy to be surrounded by peace and quiet and the idea that I have a clean house :)  With that in mind, I took some pictures because I truly love my house and want my kids to remember where they lived during elementary school.

It's funny how different the lighting is in all three of these pictures. . .and they were taken all within one minute of one another!  (Yep, still using the kids' camera. . .)


I want to remember the "little" things. . .
Marie (9) is working on a 500-pc puzzle in the dining room right now. . .
She goes to it every chance she has. . .it's fun seeing her excited about something. . .

And I'd still like to have a window put in on the left wall. . .and. . .

Walking into the kitchen from the dining room

The kitchen from the garage door. . .

The kitchen from the living room

I'm "seeing" things in these pictures that need to be done. . .still want to cover those bar stools!

Tom wants to re-do this room. . .I just don't know what color??? 

I'm really happy with the choice of paint color in here.  I'm glad we didn't go with the blue in the artwork above the armoire. . .it would have been too much.

I have an idea of what I would like to make for that far wall next to the window beside the cross stitch I have there. . .

I also really, really like the paint color Tom picked out in here. . .but the diffused light from the gold curtains is not doing it justice.

No one *ever* sees the common area upstairs this picked-up -- LOVE it!!!!

Again, same camera taking pictures just seconds apart. . .the lighting is sooooo different.

I'd like to make some more of those collages. . .it has been YEARS since I've done one. . .

I also love, love the new shelves and bins up in the bathroom (in the background) that Tom & Fred recently put up. . .it's a great storage area!!

This is as good as I get when I allow the girls to clean their own rooms. . .but so glad they did it and love NOT seeing piles of Margaret's clothes right there to the right as you walk in (like usual. . .)

They are lucky to have a room with so much space in it. . .
And just to 'keep it real' here is Margaret's corner (desk & bookshelf & hooks). . .but it's hidden behind the door -- ha!

Thomas's "side". . .

Frederick's side. . .but he's still 6. . .all my other kids still had piles of toys laying around the house at 6. . .

And I didn't really want to post this last one, but if I want the kids to have memories of this house (or maybe we'll still be here in 20 years, then they will be memories of how it *was* -- I hope) this was part of it all.  The reason we bought the house. . .having this extra room for guests and such.  It's been my craft room, storage room (still is) and we keep trying to make it a friendly area to be in too but the "junk" keeps getting in the way.   The dresser I want to re-do for Margaret is along the left back wall. . .and just various things I don't know what to do with . . .those orange bins (6 of them!!!) are all pictures (and I don't have hard copies of anything from the past 3 years!!!). . .the stuff under the window and to the right is all "craft stuff" and my, have I weeded that out!  So. . .kids. . .I hope this room still doesn't look like this in 20 years. . .but, right now, storage is limited and this is the best I can do.

I hope I've redeemed myself a little bit since this post. . .to be fair, the kids are back in school and it's a little easier to keep things "as is" for a longer period of time.

And in the interest of full disclosure:  the kids were home exactly 7 minutes yesterday from the time the bus dropped them off and we were off again to swim and play tennis. . .backpacks were strewn across the living room, the medicine basket (as well as hats & gloves. . .huh???) was emptied out onto the kitchen table, two pairs of shoes were left in the living room, and there were two used cups sitting on the kitchen counter to greet me when we got home again at 7:30.  Sigh.  But "they" say we will long for these days.  And I believe "them" :)


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