What's Up Wednesday (on a Friday!) - June 2022


It's the last Wednesday of the month?!?  What????  I didn't even know until I saw everyone's WUW posts today -- let me see if I can sneak one in here too ;). 
EDITED TO ADD:  Well . . .obviously I was NOT able to get this finished on Wednesday so we'll just post today instead.  It's been a busy week!!

What’s Up Wednesday {JUNE 2022}


I am out of town so meals are kind of scattered.  I got to Cincinnati on Monday night and my sister (who is not home) had a Hello Fresh meal in the fridge for me to fix for my mom and my brother, who had come in from Florida to spend the week with my mom too.  
It was so good they asked if I would make it again on Thursday, when my daughter will be here and my dad is coming down to visit also.  Will do!!  (And I did -- and it was delish again!)
Tuesday night we ate out at The Monkey Bar which is a fun little place founded in the late 1800's down on the river.  They have an extensive bar, some bar food, and yesterday a Taco Truck for Taco Tuesday.  Everyone got tacos except me -- I did the bar food :). Really, though, it was the company and the cool(er) evening that made it special and memorable.
Tonight (written on Wednesday) my daughter, a friend, and me are going to see Hairspray downtown so I'll make a charcuterie tray for us to munch on before we go.  I don't think we'll have time for dinner before the 7:30 performance because my daughter doesn't get home from work until 5:30 and I think traffic will make it an hour drive to the theatre.  I've got plenty of time and a beautiful kitchen to work in so that will be a good way to spend some of my afternoon.
ETA:  And here it was:  
. . .more of a heavy appetizer spread that got us through but we were STARVED afterwards :/
I'm leaving on Friday, then have a wedding party to attend on Saturday.  Monday we are hosting a birthday party and the birthday boy has already requested his menu -- brats, burgers, potato salad, roasted veggies, and German Chocolate Cake.  Great way to celebrate his birthday and our nation's birthday too :)

Bunches of Cedar Lake Camp years!!!
They keep comping up in my FB memories -- I really don't know how many of these pictures I have from over the years.

Stephen went and volunteered for a week two weeks ago and is planning on going back for another week at the end of the summer.  I think Erin is going to try to squeeze in a week also.  I'm glad there's still some Bell kids out there who can make time for a week or more at Camp :)

Some of my outside flowers are thriving despite the heat.


And (almost) ALWAYS DQ after a day on the water!!
(4 + 1 this day -- I wasn't there b/c I was playing tennis :/)

A couple of weeks ago I went to Murfreesboro to compete in the State tennis tournament with my 4.0 team.  I had to leave the day of the semi-finals/finals so I'm not in this picture but WE WON!!!  
Off to sectionals in July!  
Then, this past weekend, I went back to compete again with the 3.5 team that I have been with for years and years. (With USTA, they have what they call "early start" teams that begin in the fall to launch the new calendar year.  I was still rated a 3.5 in October when that league began -- truthfully not expecting to be bumped up in December -- and we won our local playoff in November '21 and secured a spot in the state 2022 tournament.  That's why I was playing at two different levels.).  I was also there playing with another 4.0 team so, over the weekend, I played a total of 7 matches (3 indoors, which was nice) in ninety degree heat.  It was brutal, even for someone like me who honestly doesn't get hot.  I played (and won) twice with this lady:
then the next day, in the semi-finals, played a singles court (against another Knoxville team, no less) and a few hours later a huge, long, hot, tournament-deciding match with this great teammate:
We brought home the "W" for 
What a great weekend!!  What an awesome team to have fought with all of these years :)
This team, too, has secured a spot in the sectional tournament in Rome, GA at the end of July.  So excited!!

Honestly?  September.  
I need/want a job or something to do to contribute and take up my time by then.  I've had several promising interviews and even an offer but so far nothing that "fits".  I think part of the problem is that I can't articulate "what I want" so I am working on that.  I don't think it exists, but I need to start somewhere, right?  I have been told many times that I'm a "Jack of All Trades" and/or "overqualified". . .really, I just want to be a part of something that I can grow with or something that makes other people's lives better.  I don't know what that looks like. . .I had an interview last week with the person who would be my boss wondering if "the job would be challenging enough" and I told her I always find ways to grow my positions. . .ask anyone I have worked for in the past ;). Unfortunately that is too honest for interviews and probably scary for some people (like, what does that mean?!?  I just need her to do what I say :/).  I miss the classroom terribly but, well, I don't think that is where I am supposed to be. . .
Anyway, enough of that.  My life is full and busy now and tomorrow isn't promised.
Our family vacation!!!  
At least I hope so!!  I know this is supposed to be sarcastic, but part of doing a family vacation is managing expectations.  We really, really do enjoy spending time together and inviting others to spend time with us, but with so many different jobs, schedules, etc. it is so much harder to do now.  Plus, I don't much like planning stuff like this -- I prefer to be given an outline with tasks and completing it but NOT making decisions on where we go or where we stay.  I'm good at planning the schedule after the outline is made -- dates, destination, and budget -- and then stepping in to figure out menus, packing lists, who is coming when, what we will do to fill our time, etc.  BUT, this time, it looks like if I want it to happen I have to do it :). I know the dates and know we want to go to a lake.  I pulled some VRBOs up today and sent links on to my family. . .and have been getting input from others so it will all come together :). 
Unfortunately for my family. . . this might/could be true for me!!!
Life.  The Next Chapter.  Becoming a spectator instead of a Director in my children's lives.  I know I just said I was "dreading" this but I'm also excited to see what is around the next corner :)
Also, Tom and I will (separately) be celebrating our 27-year anniversary on Friday.  He's almost always at Canoe Camp for this date and there is no place else I would like him to be then there.  We get to go celebrate the wedding of a good friend from Cookeville the next day, so that will be fun!  This is the card he will get when I see him:
I just finished Katie Couric's "Going There" book.  I had both the print and audio version from the library but ended up listening to the entire thing.  It took me almost the entire three weeks it was checked out to me, but I really enjoyed it.  If you decide on this, the audio version has many audio clips of certain events (like 9/11) and that was enriching.
I have so many books I'm 1/2 into but not loving so much that I take time out of my day to sit down and plow through them. . .I think I need a good beach read.  Luckily, Shay did her monthly book post this week so I need to get one of these ASAP.
As far as watching, I just don't take the time. . .I did, earlier in this month, zip through The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix.  Highly recommend.  Other than that, I don't think I've watched anything else besides Top Gun Maverick -- I'd love to go see it again!
I have several Spotify playlists and some that the kids have shared with me.  I enjoy podcasts and Jeff Hancher is one that I have recently picked up :). I have a friend who went to school with him and knows I like the kind of material he shares.  I also found out Hoda Hodb has a podcast too -- I think she's great and has interviewed some really interesting people.
I don't buy new things for interviews anymore and I have "enough" to get me through my days.  I'm not a huge shopper so this is a boring topic/category for me.
However, sweet Erin bought me a tennis skirt a couple of weeks ago "just because".  She's the best!
It will be a full one!  Tom and I are going to a post-wedding party for a good friend of ours from Cookeville (and just spend some time together after a week apart) and then Monday is a holiday and we are celebrating a birthday with our family.  I can't believe it's already the Fourth of July -- doesn't that always mean summer is half over???
Hmmmm. . .more summer?  It's hard to say since most of my days are unplanned and pretty much the same.  I need to find another project or craft to start/work on!
I had to go through all of our orders to see if there was anything. . .turns out the only thing I bought were some tennis grips :/. Not very exciting.  They were a new brand for me -- I've already gone through two of them and I would buy them again.
Well, since I'm writing this part ON my anniversary, instead of two days before when I started and should have published it, I might as well make this a shout-out to Tom Bell and how lucky I am to have had him as my husband for the last 27 years.  He is a "golden retriever" -- 
Even keel
Avoids conflict
Enjoys routine
Dislikes change
Deep relationships
Good listener
I'm not sure on ALL of those, but he does hit most of them!!!  I'm most likely a beaver in my home life and an otter in my work life.
Anyway, here is to 27 years, my lover, my best friend, my partner, my everything.

This is what I had on my phone. . .pretty much some of my favorite memories with you the last 3 years. . .birthdays, anniversaries, quick trips, and the lake!!!

Well, nothing like getting a post out two days late but in 5 years when I reflect I will be happy to have recorded these days of my life  :). Flexibility is not my strong suit so the fact that I am "ok" with this means I'm still growing and changing in this 5th decade of my life ;)
(Or maybe it's 2 days late b/c I spend too much time editing and detailing -- ha!!!)



  1. Wow, you have been busy! I wish I had some of your energy :) As someone who has been empty nesting for awhile now, I can relate to both your apprehension and your excitement; it's a journey, for sure.


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