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Glimpses of Our New Life

We don't have good answers as to *why* we move. . .just "why not?".  Moving is an adventure for me -- a way to explore different places without having to "go home" because, well, the new place IS home!!!

We are still where we were 8 weeks ago and our Cookeville house is still on the market.  I don't know if where we are is what we anticipated when we moved in mid-March or not.  The kids have adjusted exceedingly well. . .we are amazed at their resiliency.  After today, they have 7.5 schools days left!!!  This quarter has certainly flown.  I have had the opportunity to volunteer at both schools for teacher luncheons and at the middle school another day for a "special treat" day. . .basically scoop Italian Ice for grades 6-8 as they left lunch.  I didn't realize how large their school was until I went in -- I know the 6th grade has five teams of teachers!!  Their PTSA is very active so hopefully I'll get to continue to serve in some capacity.  I liked doing the teacher lunch at the High School too. . .I'm not ready to jump in there yet, although the place will be full of Bells before we know it!

The following are mostly Pictures of the Day from Facebook. . .just random glimpses of "life lately" for those that are curious (and for me to look back one day and say. . ."oh I remember that!" -- ha).

This actually was a picture from our goodbye luncheon at church that I didn't include in my Goodbyes post.  Thomas has such a super, great, terrific group of friends there and luckily keeps in touch with them.  We've been able to go back to church 3-4 times since we left (we have yet to be in our new town on a Sunday since we moved!).  I sincerely hope, that as these boys move on in life, that they continue their friendship across the miles and maybe even end up in a town together again.

We spent Easter in Cookeville since there were things that needed to be done there and we didn't really have a church to go to in our new town.  Frederick also had soccer games that Saturday so it just made sense to go "home".  It was one of the most anti-climatic holidays we've ever spent. . .truthfully, one month later, I can't even remember what we did for dinner. . .wow.  It's just one of those "family" holidays and we were a family of 6 on the road, between homes, and just treated it as such -- together, probably finding a place that was open or picking up food at the grocery and eating "picnic style" at home. . .I know I didn't cook ;)
At least we all looked good!

Does anyone else struggle with getting everyone happy at the same time??
Our dear friends down the street had us over to share one of their Easter traditions on Saturday night.  Usually her parents do an "adults" egg hunt in the dark. . .but they moved this year so we just made it a kids' egg hunt instead.  There were 3 Golden Eggs with $5 and $10 bills. . .I was in charge of filling eggs with $30 in change -- yes, there was one with 30 pennies! -- and Rene did the big bills and candy eggs.

Only the youngest four went on the hunt. . .the adults hid all the eggs outside after dark and they took their flashlights and bags/buckets once the signal was given :)  

These two didn't participate, but they had a good time watching and "helping" the youngest (much to the other three's dismay. . .)
 Their loot -- much more fun than Trick-or-Treating (in my opinion)!!!

 Mostly our weekends are filled with soccer, soccer, and more soccer.  The weather finally dried out and they all got some playing time in.  Thomas has been a ref at most of the tournaments that the younger ones have been in. . .Marie's team, although with great promise, didn't make the state tournament this year.  They did, however, come within one point of winning the Brentwood Tournament this weekend!!!
 Yea, trying to get them to all look at the camera at the same time. . .a super way to end the season!!  Here is her coach, still coaching and giving advice. . .Marie is certainly going to miss him and her special teammates.

There has been LOTS of soccer-playing going on around here. . .(well, not around HERE, but other places -- ha!  LOTS of traveling)

Margaret (on left) walking off the field with one of her teammates. . .this must have been in the colder part of the early season. . .

Margaret again, with one of her favorite friends. . .Margaret does in the back what A does in the front :)  They are both perfect in their positions!
Frederick plays the same position as Margaret -- back defender.  They are both very, very good at it.

(I am just randomly picking pictures off my phone) - Here is Thomas reffing a tournament. . .he's done a lot of these long weekends this year.  The pay is great!  But it *is* hard work. . .
Marie.  She has the *most* love and drive for the game :)  I only got to see her play twice this season because of weather and schedule conflicts with the others.  Hopefully she'll make the high school team in the fall and I'll get to see lots of her on the pitch then!

Other random pics from my phone:
After-school drinks with Cookeville friends!
(We had soccer practice Thursday night and I let the middle school kids take Friday "off" from school to stay in Cookeville and visit their old school.)  I enjoyed catching up with people too -- it was a whirlwind of a day for sure!  Luckily my dad had come into town too to help shuffle kiddies around. . .
Marie meeting up with friends during a weekend soccer game -- the one in the middle lives in the town they were playing in and attends Cedar Lake Camp with Marie too.  Her teammate is also from that town so they were a fun threesome.  (I, of course, wasn't there but one of the moms takes care of me and snaps these pictures so I don't miss out!)
Margaret and Frederick enjoying a warm afternoon in the pool after school. . .
I'm going to miss her long hair and full backpack when she goes back to cheer in the fall. . .
Tom says our grass has never looked better. . .he's worked so hard on that lawn for the past 8 years!
Getting some touches in on a beautiful evening in April. . .
 Margaret's favorite place to go when we are out together -- I *love* their peach green tea lemonade.  I have figured out a "good enough" copy-cat version here at home.
Super-concentrated green tea (made in my iced tea maker -- this is a double batch), 1 t. peach syrup, and 1 T of this lemonade concentrate.  It's missing the ginger from SB but this is close enough for me (I even shake it as SB advertises!).

One morning Thomas begged to stay home to study because there was an assembly or something going on at school that he wasn't interested in.  He really did work on schoolwork and the dog. . .well. . .this is pretty much her *every* morning. . .and evening. . .and, let's be honest, afternoon.  She is living up this "I'm allowed on this sofa" thing.

And our Number 24. . .I did get to see most of his games this season but now it's post-season so he's just out there to support his team.
I had Date Night with Frederick one night recently. . .I think Thomas had a game and the girls and Tom were in Cookeville for soccer practice.  Noodles & Co. is his favorite-always-requested place to go. . .I like their Chinese Chicken salad!
Teacher appreciation gifts this year. . .pretzels and M&M's in (hopefully) re-usable containers.  We put their teacher's names on them and filled them up.  Margaret had to be "different" and did mason jars and wanted her pretzels dipped in chocolate. . .those turned out cute too (but I don't think I got pictures of that final product). . .
And lastly, (this is SO random), a dog park that Thomas and I discovered one night when everyone else was in Cookeville for soccer practice.  Chelsea was able to finally run free for awhile.  It's been very difficult for us (and I'm sure her too) to keep her on a leash at all times.  She wore herself out here!!!

So. . .days at home "keeping house", grocery shopping, getting to have lunch with Tom every day, taking the kids to the bus stop in the mornings, working out, taking the dog on walks during the day, making dinner every night, applying for jobs in my new county, keeping up with lists and to-do's, working on my mom's "Nashville Weekend" book, house hunting (that is a conversation and solid part-time job in itself!), and actually watching a little Netflix just because I can. . .this is a great adventure, a much-needed "pause", a luxury in my life at this time.  I snapped "A Day in the Life" pictures today. . .let's see if that post ever gets written -- haha!

This was my picture of the day yesterday. . .blessed beyond anything I could have ever dreamed for myself. . .
Mother's Day 2015


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