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New Beginnings

Well, we are here.  And in week 3.
I began this in week 1 -- wow.  Blogging is still not on the top of my list!  I want it to be though.
So much to do, so much to absorb, set up, etc., etc.
We are temporarily (Tom hopes *very* temporarily) living in an apartment building.  They hadn't even finished paving when we moved in. . .I dare say we were one of the first in this building. . .I think it's filled up by now.  Also, there is now grass in front that is growing like crazy and it has been re-blacktopped.  This complex is HUGE and they have 3-4 more buildings getting ready to open.  Apparently, in this part of the city, the demand is high for 3-bedroom rentals that accept pets.  It's that crazy?!?  This place is *extremely* pet-friendly, as were all the complexes we visited in January.  We were so not-used to that. . .but grateful to not have to make other arrangements for Chelsea.

Kids walking to the bus stop with the dog Wednesday morning
Catching the bus in the morning and riding it home in the afternoon is a new experience for the kiddos again.  (They rode the bus in the afternoon at one time but have never had to be picked up from home.)
We sort of have a routine in the mornings. . .they get up a full 45 minutes later then they did before because they are close to the end of the bus route (yay!).  The warning alarm goes off at 7:30 and we all (try) to walk out the door at 7:35.  We leave a little cushion in there in case someone forgets something, is late warming up a drink, etc. (yes, these are real examples). . .we almost always take the dog with us, unless I am planning to go straight to the clubhouse to work out.

Yes, apartment life is spoiling us (a little bit) -- with a workout room, cookies waiting in the lobby after school, a pool, beautiful landscaping that we don't have to take care of. . .very nice indeed.

The first week I agreed to pick them up after school since their ride home is almost an hour.  The car line seems to be no different here then the two schools we attended in Cookeville -- ha!
Here I am parked on the highway with two lanes going into the school.  It is 3:23 -- school lets out at 3:30.  It is a long, long lane to get to the kids. . .and when you get up to the parking lot, there are another two lanes coming in at the top!!!  It was no different where we lived prior, but growing up and when we were still "up north" everyone took the school bus so this is still a little foreign to me.  Oh well, I sincerely enjoy having this time of the day with the kids, when they are fresh from school and a little talkative. . .but they had to learn to take the bus home too because I might not always be able to do this.  (Marie did miss the bus the first day they were supposed to take it -- she was waiting for Margaret and unbeknownst to her, she had gone out another door.  I, of course, was in the shower, didn't hear the phone and Tom ended up having to leave work and pick her up.  Luckily we had driven by the school a few days prior so he knew where he was going!)

The "deal" now is, if it is a night that they go to Cookeville for soccer (90 miles one way), I will pick them up from school so they can change and eat before they hit the road again. . .if we stay "at home" then they take the bus home.  So far, so good.

Dinners sometimes look like this:

We didn't bring our "big" table and the old kitchen table only seats 4.  This was a "travel" night and Thomas also had a soccer game so it was "eat where you can".  We have since brought 2 barstools from our house so we can all sit down in the general kitchen area and eat together. . .

In case you're curious, here is another view of our main area here:

I really, really love our kitchen.  It is one of the best I've ever cooked in!!  It's laid out really well and is very efficient.  Since I only brought 1/3-1/2 of my items with me it does help keep some space available. . .

I don't think I'm ever going to get Tom to hang curtains though.  I think it would be so much more "homey" if he'd do that and get some pictures hung.  Sigh.

Something for all the backpacks would be nice!  (This was not staged. . .I snapped the picture because I think our Realtor thinks I'm crazy when I keep saying, "where will all the backpacks go?" --ha!)
I think there are two more around the corner!

She was *not* allowed on furniture in our old home but this sofa was in Marie's room and apparently she let Chelsea on it. . .now she thinks it's "hers"

So. . .new home, new school, new schedule, new "life" for me outside of the classroom.  It's been good!

Even the dog is settling in. . .

School for Thomas didn't change because he and Tom had moved here in January (they lived in a different building across the complex) and he already had a quarter -- well, 7 weeks minus 2 weeks for snow/ice -- under his belt.  Because of all the weather delays, we were all here to watch him play (#24) in his first JV game for his new high school.
Another night, another team. . .and a goal for Thomas this night!
This is the only one I got at a home game last week. . .far side of the field, white #24.
The soccer season has been really frustrating this year because of all the weather complications.  Frederick is the only one that has truly played any competitive games, except for the 3 that Thomas' school has been able to get in.  Marie nor Margaret have played outside of our club this year. . .grrrr. . .many friendlies have been canceled, Marie's scheduled state games have had to be re-scheduled (Tom is her team manager again this season) and a major tournament has been canceled and it's already mid-April!  Generally, clubs/teams/schools begin playing in February.

Between house-hunting (we're trying to get this "right" since I DON'T WANT TO DO IT (MOVE) AGAIN), figuring out where things are, finding someone to cut and color my hair, get my allergy shots transferred, find a kennel, go to the post office to straighten out our mail, make dinner and breakfast every day - yay!, help the kids transition into their new classes, call to change appointments, insurance, apply for some (for now, teaching) jobs, two weeks of not-much-internet access at home, and adjusting to full-time home life again. . .it's a busy, busy life!!!  I am very much enjoying this adventure, although I am lonely for "what we had".  It will work out.  The Lord has put us on this path and we are excited to forge forward.  We are still attending our beloved Cookeville church since we are there most weekends and "my" students are still e-mailing me more frequently than I had anticipated :)  

Margaret is going to try out for her school's cheer team and Marie and Frederick will try out for some local soccer clubs in May/June.  Thomas is still thinking he might want to go back to Cookeville for soccer in the fall but we are hoping he finds something here. Marie has already signed up for high school here (yikes!) and I am signed up to help out at PTSA teacher luncheons at both the kids' schools this week and next month.  Slowly but surely, we are putting down some roots.

I'll leave you with a quick dip in the pool last week.  The kids talked us in to taking food down to the pool area and grilling/eating out.  Margaret and Frederick thought it was warm enough (69 degrees!) to try out the water :)

Much love,


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