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Pinterest distractions and blog inspirations

Good Monday morning!!!  It's only 10:20 and I've 1) read all my favorite blogs; 2) gotten all the kids up and out of the house and to camp; 3) spent $118 on a grocery run to Wal-Mart; 4) baked Lazy Cake Cookies.
It started with Edie's blog this morning. . .(she's a-m-a-z-i-n-g -- check out her garden. . .and then if you have time go to her link buttons and tour her house. . .she has an eclectic style and her kitchen and back porch  So, anyway, she (Edie) asked for some Pinterest links for 4th of July things. . .I knew I had pinned some fun things so I opened up my account and linked my "summertime" board to her comments.  Well, of course, then I had to see what new things were on Pinterest and I found these linked quite a bit.  Hmmm. . .I have all the ingredients, I have 20 minutes before we need to leave to drop-off at camp. . .so I took the time to stir them up.  (They remind me a lot of Thomas's cake cookies that he often makes -- except he uses oil instead of butter I think.)

The lazy cake cookies turned out great!  I had read through the blog comments before making them and someone had mentioned that they weren't quite done in 20 mins so she turned off the oven and let them finish that way -- which is exactly what I did. . .I turned it off and left after 20 minutes.  I wish I would have opened the oven door -- they are a tad more "crunchy" then I think I prefer but good none-the-less!

Kara did a fantastic job with her front birdbath/fountain.  I love, love, love FL architecture and her house just screams everything "Florida" to me :)  I really like her bold use of color in the front yard and want to be brave enough to do that on my front porch (someday????) too.  Incidentally, Margaret has been working on a project for her bedroom in the exact same color:

We bought the chair a couple weeks ago at a junk shop and she sanded and primed it. . .this weekend Grandpa Fred cut a new seat for her while we were in OH (the original was coming apart so he used it as a template) and we also bought some fabric to staple on.  I need to get some batting for her and a polyurethane or wax finish. . .she's doing a GREAT job!

Another favorite blogger is Meg at whatever.  I'm actually linking to her Weekend Craft Blog because she just hosted another weekend and they look like so much fun!!!  She is a mom of 5 in Kansas. . .man, sometimes I feel like I know more about these bloggers then some people I interact with in real life. . .:)

This is what my screen looks like most times when I'm "visiting" blogs and browsing Pinterest:  all those open windows on the top linking from one blog/idea to another!  I don't have this kind of time during the school year so this is my opportunity to catch up.  I showed some dining room ideas the other day and other inspiring blogger.  Here are Pinterest pins for ideas for my dining table:
still collecting tutorials for refinishing my DR table. . .NOT turquoise legs. . .maybe off-white? (credit here)
I still want to do the dining table like this. . .LOVE this. . .the walnut stained top, the distressed paint job (I can't find the original source. . .Pinterest says that I pinned it from Domestically Speaking 7 weeks ago. . .I've gone through her late-April-early-May posts and can't find it. . .?)

And here's one more (credit:  here) but I'm not sure about painting the chairs. . .still not sure what I'm going to do there.  One thing at a time.  In truth, I've been talking about re-doing this table for the last 4 years. . .and have changed my mind numerous times too.  Sigh.

Here it is a post I wrote about it a couple years ago -- ha!  Some wonderful people commented and gave me something to think about. . .now time to do. . .

Well, time to make lunch so when I get the kiddos at noon they have something to eat. . .then I have my first round of allergy shots this afternoon. . .and soccer tonight maybe?  Definitely making these again tonight. . .we made them for our party last Thursday and there weren't many left-overs much to Tom's dismay so I bought the chicken to do them again today. 

And start on that table. . .???



  1. Wow, you are a busy lady! Lots of wonderful projects, and I love the blue chair!
    Have a wonderful week!


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