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Phone Dump

It's been a good week.  It hasn't been crazy, we haven't been bored.  Things have gotten done and we're not approaching the weekend with a mile-long to-do list (example:  It's 5 a.m. on Friday morning and my shopping for the week is already done!!).  I had time for "extras" this week (that, in my opinion, shouldn't be "extras" but in this season are sometimes considered as). . .time to sit and read with the kids, time to watch a few shows with them, time to Pinterest (is that supposed to be a verb?!?), time to talk to my mom on the phone, time for me to go to the movies with a friend, time to blog more than once. . . the kitchen refrigerator even got cleaned out!!  Also, one night, Tom had time to dump some pictures off my phone.  They are mostly random things. . .many times I just take pictures during the day and send them to Tom. . .because he's part of our day too, even though he's not with us all day :)  In a pinch, my camera phone serves as my camera -- y'know, so I can remember those things that I never would otherwise :)  I kind of enjoyed going through the pictures. . .remembering the "little things" about our days/weeks/life.

These are in no particular order because however my phone tags the pictures is not the same way my computer organizes them.  There were over 1000 there. . .some I recognized from more then two years ago. . .just day-to-day "life". . .moments that would otherwise have been lost to time.
 Margaret at work with me. . .this is one of my co-worker's babies --  her fifth.  Her oldest child?  A year younger than Margaret!!
And Marie at work with me. . .same baby, different day.  Those that know Marie IRL might be surprised. . .actually, she very much enjoys the babies and is very good with them :)
I have no idea when this one was taken. . .looks like pre-braces!  And the quality says it was my old-old phone :)
This next one is one of my absolute all-time favorite pictures.  I took it when I got my previous phone. . .I wanted a wallpaper picture of my kiddos together. . .being in my favorite spot in the world (on the boat on the lake) was a bonus!

I would love to know when this one was taken. . .quintessential Margaret. . .one shoe on, one shoe off.  Where were we going?  What is the significance of me getting them all four together?  I can tell it was a beautiful day :)
This picture I *do* know. . .it was a few weeks ago. . .I took it to show Tom what we were up to right-that-minute. . .I had played a long morning of tennis (can't remember if it was a Monday or a Friday) and treated the kids to McD's. . .the only meal of the day that I like there -- breakfast!
I know this one too. . .Margaret's 8th birthday!  We were in Dayton. . .she and I had a Shopping Day so she could spend her birthday money. . .this picture alone says so much about her and just automatically puts a smile on my face because I remember that time together. . .because of a picture :)
OK, this has a story.  Thomas has been setting pictures on our phones so when someone calls the picture shows up.  I didn't have one of "just Tom" so he got one of us.  At the end of the day.  When we both look as worn out as we probably were.  Oh well.  Real life.  (And on the display screen on the phone it's a tiny, tiny picture.)
I snapped this from my wedding album at some point. . .I know it was to show Amanda. . .who is, of course, the flower girl in this picture. . .now finishing up at Culinary school!  I'm getting old. . . 
 Some of the kids and Nana. . .this was sometime last year. . .we met somewhere in KY to exchange kiddos I think. . .(not very specific, this label, huh?)  I do know it was Bob Evans :)
The kids "helping" to paint our room a couple years ago.
Thomas beginning his paint job in our purple bathroom.  He started last week.  It's still torn up.  My patience is wearing thin (the top part is now done. . .he's just priming the bottom here. . .he needs to get it done!!!)  I'm very in love with the new color though :)
I'm amazed how many pictures I have of the four kids.  (I crab at them too much for not being "nice" to one other. . .but I see that they often are. . .it's important for me to capture these times together and obviously we have a lot.)  And I notice we're at McD's again???  I can't imagine when or where this was. . .my best guess was on a trip we were taking to Dayton w/out Tom and this was our "hello" from the road.
And sometimes I'm thankful to have a phone with a camera to catch that shot that just says it all. . .everything I love about my life right now.  That beautiful, gorgeous blue sky with big, puffy clouds, driving down an un-crowded highway in a place I love in a season I love (both literally and figuratively).  Unedited.  Maybe I was alone, maybe someone was in the car with me. . .I don't really know.  I know I was driving north on 111 a couple weeks ago.  And I know that something about this picture brings me peace and happiness.

So, whatever happens in the next few hours, the next few days, weeks, or years. . .at least I was given this time, this morning to reflect, remember, and be thankful. 

~ Jenni
Ooops!  Wow. . .it's already been a week. . .linking up with my favorite Company Girls today!
(would love to post the blog hop linky here but it's just not loading from Home Sanctuary right now.  Click here to participate directly from Rachel Anne's site.)


  1. Wow, your phone takes great pictures! I keep saying I want a good little point and shoot to always have in my purse... Love the shot on the boat! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Awww, what a great trip down memory lane! I have over a thousand photos in my phone too. I usually upload them every month or so. So fun to look at random photos.

  3. Fantastic pics of your kids! Love the open road pic too :)


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