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Company Girl Coffee 9.17

 Good Morning Company Girls!

I have a cup of hot chocolate here next to me (I know, it's supposed to be 80+ degrees today but it's my standard morning fare) and have just a couple minutes before I head off to school.  Do you remember last week that I was sitting here, typing apprehensively about an assignment I had at the high school?  Well, I *loved* it and it happened to be the first day of a maternity leave I was covering until they found someone. . .that "someone" ended up being me!!!  I can't tell you how much I love the assignment :)  It won't last long because the teacher is only planning on taking 6 weeks' leave and two of those weeks will be Fall Break. . .but. . .I'm really happy to not only be someplace steady, but someplace that I *really* want to be!!!

The assignment??  Culinary Arts, of all things!!!  What an opportunity our high school students have to be offered such diversity in high school and lucky me, to get to fill in here!  The class and I don't have access to the lab during the teacher's leave but they kind of wanted to do something food-related (and so did I!) so today we're making salsa.  I'm bringing the equipment and spice, they are bringing the ingredients.  These are high school kids, after all, so if they don't bring the supplies we won't do it.  I'm leaving it up to them. . .but I really hope, deep down, that everything is brought so we can do this :)

On another, really quick note before I sign off, will you consider blogging about/helping out this effort?  Children in Africa need vitamins and Meg at whatever has sent out a cry for help in collecting these.  The post is so beautifully written I wouldn't try to add anything to it.  I just know this is something my family and I will be doing this weekend.  If you click here it will link you directly to the post with details about what to do with the vitamins once you purchase them.

Isn't blogging wonderful?  It's such a great way to find needs to meet through prayer or a dollar spent, a way to find and build friendships across the miles, keep in touch, and so much more.  I would *love* to hear what blogging has done for you (whether you have a blog or just connect through them) and/or if you've ever participated in any efforts like the vitamin drive right now?  I know I've been inspired to do things these last years because of those I've met in cyberspace -- needs I would have otherwise never known had existed.

Have a wonderful, blessed Friday and I can't wait to catch up with each of you later this weekend!  If you would like to go meet some other wonderful bloggers, click over to Home Sanctuary and visit with us, either through your blog or through the comments left on the Company Girls post today!



  1. I do hope the "Salsa effort" was successful today. I'm heading straight over to Meg's to check out the vitamin collection. Yes, blogging is just the best, sharing joys, needs, accomplishments, hurts and fun things with our Sisters in Christ. Awesome! Blessings to you for a great week-end!

  2. Congratulations on your temporary assignment! I think a culinary arts class would be so much fun! You will have to let us know how the Salsa turned out!

    I will definitely check our the vitamin blog. I have been so convicted, since reading "Radical" about finding and meeting needs of others~ it is so easy to get caught up with ourselves and is amazing at how easy it can be to help if we seek out the opportunities.

    Blessing for the weekend!

  3. Ooo, salsa! What a great culinary project. I hope they come through!

  4. I do love blogging! I should say, I love it "again"...I just got excited about it again after kind of losing interest for a while. Enjoyed my visit to yours....stop by mine when you get s moment!

  5. Blogging for me is a ministry and an emotional release. My post seem to run the gamut -- whatever I feel God leading me to write, I do. Without Him, things just don't flow.

  6. I hope they brought the ingredients!! I want some salsa now. =) Our high school didn't offer a class like that but we had a home ec class in middle school. I think people would really benefit from real-life stuff. Or something like 'how to balance your checkbook'. Not too sure I gained anything from the 'typing' class. =p Anyhow, have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I hope their salsa turns out delicious! How fun to be able to teach something that you love.

    Heading over to check out the post about vitamins for Africa. I love blogging. It is a wonderful, wonderful opportunity to share and give. Have a wonderful weekend!


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