Sunday Dinner

This is the easy crockpot pork tenderloin dinner that I mentioned the other day. Obviously I'm not making it again today, but it IS a great Sunday dinner -- definitely good enough for company too. Here is your cast of characters:
Pork tenderloin, 1 can of each: Cream of Mushroom, Golden Mushroom, and French Onion. I am not a fan of processed foods, but this is an exception. I also don't really like mushrooms but they are easy to pick out of this dish if you like (I give all of mine to Margaret). That's it, that's all you need! Oh, and a crockpot and 8-10 hours :)

Here is what a pork tenderloin looks like if you've never bought one.
When you open it up you get this:Lots of people will further trim that fat. . .I don't because it will cook off. I do rinse and pat it dry at this point. Also, when my mother makes this she salt and peppers the meat -- I do not. My kids HATE pepper and I generally don't add salt to my cooking.

Add all three soups to the crockpot (or double this step -- my kids like LOTS of "gravy"):
Stir it up.

Add the meat.
Cover the meat then cover the crockpot.
I kept it on low for 8 hours -- you can do high for 5-6 hours.

Tender, flavorful. . .serve it with mashed potatoes or rice.
In the past I've substituted pork chops and boneless chicken breasts (frozen) for the tenderloin. You can diminish the cooking time for those. . .they are delicious too. Enjoy!


  1. What do you mean you don't like processed foods? My family lives off of processed food... maybe you should give me a recipe where I can try your way of life :)

  2. This recipe looks so good and super easy. I will have to try it! Thanks for visiting me, too, over my post.

  3. I was looking for a pork loin recipe, the 1st pork loin I've made. Found yours & I did as you, rinsed & dried, did as your Mom, s & p'd, cut an onion in 3rds 'cause we love onion, then put them on bottom as a "rack" put 2 cans o' soup in, loin on top of all then almost forgot my fav part of your recipe! Dusted powdered gravy mixes on top of loin, I had aus jus, mushroom & pork gravy. Ok....this is going to be THE BOMB!! Thank You! for posting! You helped me out So Much!!

  4. You did this with a pork loin? What 2 soups? 3 dry gravy mixes?

  5. We just had this this past weekend! You use pork tenderloin, one ca each of the following: cream of mushroom, golden mushroom, and French onion. Enjoy!!!


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