Friday Favorites 11.10.17

It's been awhile. . .and my picture taking/documenting has plummeted.  I no longer have willing subjects every day (I have four teenagers!) and I am trying to balance being in the moment verses recording every moment.  Plus, I'm just in a stage that is routine. . .but that's not a bad thing.
So. . .moving backwards as I sometimes do on these posts. . .I wouldn't necessarily say that a "favorite" is a picture of me. . .but the photographer is a favorite of mine :)  Our neighbors, Tommy & Barbara, are framily to us and we are so thankful for their friendship and love.  My office needed a couple of headshots this week and Tommy came through, coming out on Thursday -- the time changed on him three times -- and snapping pictures between the raindrops.  It's fair to say I'm not unhappy with this photo.

Another highlight/favorite of the week was this:
Our girls both receiving team awards for their contributions to their HS soccer team this season.  It was a tough year for them, having to sit the varsity bench, BUT they showed leadership and fortitude on the JV team and earned these awards from their coaches and teammates.  I'm not sure how many were given out -- I would say 7-10.  Margaret was recognized for being a leading scorer and Marie received the "Hawk award" -- which is leadership, attitude, and other qualities that cause teammates to come together as one.  I pray that God continues to grow their strengths so they can live lives that gives Him the glory and shows others His goodness.  (In the photo on display, they bookend the middle row.)

Bible Study Fellowship, and this sweet friend, are also favorites of mine.  One of the best perks of my job is that they allow me to attend BSF on Wednesday mornings and not come into the office until noon.  Isn't that the best?!?  My friend and I meet almost every week an hour before we need to be to our group for breakfast.  I am thankful for the time with her and the circumstances that brought us together.

A FAVORITE is playing tennis, of course, but even better is the fact that Tom has really invested in it this year too and we are having more and more fun playing together.  This was last night -- 7:30 p.m. and 50 degrees -- after Tom and I did a cardio class (to the right, inside).  Frederick had come to work out and afterwards wanted to practice his serves.  I was out there for about 30 minutes with them but it was too cold for me.  I love that something my dad and I always did together I am now able to do with these two. . .

And speaking of my dad. . .this is really the only picture I got of him this last weekend when he was visiting.  He brought Marie's birthday gifts down and I snapped this but then never thought to take another one. . .oh well.  We had a nice weekend -- he and Frederick got out and played some pickleball, he and I went to a cardio tennis class on Saturday morning, Tommy & Barbara came over for dinner one night (he brought turkey filets with him), and Sunday after church we traveled to Cookeville to see The Little Mermaid and eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  It was a busy weekend!

The community of Cookeville has an amazing theatre program both in the schools and through their playhouse.  This is Cookeville Children's Theatre's annual fall production which we try to go and see every year (even living 80 miles away!).  Many of my former students and friends of the girls' perform and it's always well-worth the drive.  This was a favorite from last weekend!

The girls with some of their friends after the show. . .

This isn't a great picture, but I wanted to note that it was the first weekend in November and I was out on the dock at my friend's house crafting with her and a group of ladies!  Last weekend was jam-packed full but not crazy-busy (believe it or not).  These were our choices of trees to create and I did the middle one.  Here it is -- my first and earliest decoration displayed.  I still need to get a star on top (and feel silly having it out this early!!)
It was a super, fun craft day that was post-poned twice due to weather so I'm glad it finally all came together.  This is the same friend that helped me to create that "Bell" project in the background.
And this picture is another favorite from a few weekends ago. . .celebrating Marie with a group of friends from her school last year!  Marie turned 17 at the end of October and we had a fun time recognizing her through a couple of parties.  This was one -- game night -- the weekend before and the next weekend her best friend was over and her brother came home to celebrate again!  Wednesday birthdays are lucky birthdays because you can legitimately party the weekend before and after :)
This girl didn't get the post her brother did. . .but she is loved and admired just as much :)

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Thank you, ladies, for hosting each week.  It's fun to read about everyone else's favorites in this great big world of blogging!

And my friends that read. . .if you pull down the three horizontal lines next to my search button at the very top, you will see the blogs that I like to keep up with -- many are bloggers that post several times a week (always more then me, at the very least) -- I get a lot of advice and inspiration from them.

Happy weekend all!  Hope it's a good one for all of you -- it's getting COLD here. . .the sunshine makes up for it a little bit.



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