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And So Now It's June. . .

The question is, will this be published before the end of the month?!?

So far, it's been a crazy month. . .we haven't had all four kids under one roof yet this month.  Frederick went to "Camp Van Jura" (his aunt and uncle's) then ended up with Nana & Grandpa for another week. . .now Margaret is having her turn (but only one week total b/c cheerleading calls. . .).

Thomas and Margaret went to Fuge with our Cookeville church. . .and now Marie and Thomas are both at Cedar Lake Camp as a Counselor-in-Training and a Jr. Counselor.  Quiet weeks around here.

Margaret had cheer camp with her middle school last week.

We put an offer in on a house in our new city last weekend. . .and it was accepted. . .had our inspection last week. . .things are moving along.  Anything could happen at this point be we are hoping not. . .it's been a long 4 months in our 1400 sq. ft. apt.  We really like it here. . .but it's time for our own space.  It has never really seemed "too small" but when all people are here and in school and in sports, well, there's not much room for all the "stuff".

I had a teaching job interview a few weeks ago but sadly, they never called back.  Even to say "sorry, but you're not the right fit".  I would have loved it -- middle school social studies in a Christian school!!!  I have another interview Tuesday for one of our county middle schools -- I'm not exactly sure where it is, but it's a large county and the first bite I've gotten in the 60-some jobs I've applied for!  Whether I end up back in the classroom or not. . .it's the Lord's Will. . .school around here starts August 10th so there's still some time to figure it all out.

That's the "news". . .here are some glimpses of life:

 Unfortunately, I never posted about Margaret's 13th birthday.  This is the bag that the kids and I got her. . .she carries it everywhere!  I love when a gift is loved and used like that :)  Marie had the idea, but everyone thought Margaret should pick it out herself. . .and it was an excuse to go to River Sports -- ha!

 We have all begun to enjoy our time at the various dog parks in our area.  There are two that we frequent 4-5 times a week -- sometimes both in one day!!  It sure wears the doggie out and gives her time to run a bit since she doesn't currently have a backyard. . .
A picture of the day that I, for some reason, did not have to cajole out of the kiddos!  This was our first trip to the lake (I think) this season.  There used to be a rope swing there and they were disappointed that it was gone.  Still plenty of trees to hang their Enos in though. . .

 There's a girl in her Eno :)

I doubt I ever got off the boat -- a perfect day for me!

How our doggie spends her days.  Really.  (This is the only piece of furniture she's allowed on.)
Sometimes she gets even more comfortable:
She is a crazy dog!

Lunch with AVJ and my mom -- any time with them is a good time!
Another birthday girl!  AVJ's sister, Susan. . .Frederick, Margaret, and I were all there to celebrate with her too (that was just one night. . .then she had her "real" birthday at a safari in Columbus. . .then a family birthday party the following week. . .it's hard turning 11!)

These two. . .they are great pals!  The kids decided that Margaret could not be the only one with a Kavu bag. . .

Frederick's speciality:  omelets.  On this day there were all made-to-order. . .we were a lucky audience!!

A shopping score - Krogers - I saved 50% on my total bill this day!!!

Still looking for houses. . .driving around (as I do/did most days) I snapped this picture trying to convince Tom that maybe *this* was the "one". . .

A weekend project:  powerwashing the driveway.  I've been begging to do this for about two years.

It turned out SO good!
We also painted the deck. . .it looks a lot better too. . .and to give Tom the credit he deserves. . .he repaired the stairs, replaced some boards, and helped Marie and I paint. . .
If only someone would like to make this house their home. . .

Ummmmmm. . .my phone was hijacked. . . .

There's nothing better then sitting in the sun reading for pleasure!!!

Margaret got her hair cut -- it looks fabulous!

And yesterday was Father's Day.  Only Frederick was around for present-opening (although we had managed, throughout the last week, to have everyone sign the card -- ha!)
My heart and my love and the four children he gave me. . .what a great June 2015 so far!!!


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