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01.27.13 - Last Day of 3rd Grade

Our lesson today, our last day in our 3rd grade Sunday School classroom, was the 10 commandments.  Marie baked the cupcakes for me, Tom printed up the "flags", and I assembled everything.  We wanted to have something special for our 3rd graders today.
This was our little class.  We usually had between 7-9 every week.  About half the size of our class last year -- ha!  Interestingly enough, they all seemed to be working and engaged in this picture.  Sometimes that's hard. . .to keep a group of third graders all on task at the same time :)
I had cut out flags for each of the commandments and put them on the wall number-side out.  We first had the children tell us which ones they knew and I turned them over.  I remember last year we made it a month-long project to memorize them all (not in order) and then if they could get up in front of the class and say them they got a "big" treat.  Obviously we couldn't give a challenge like that this time but it's fun remembering.

I will miss watching my husband teach.  He's so good at it. . .and the kids naturally gravitate to him.  He sometimes starts speaking kind of "high-level" (or so I think) and then the kids respond and absorb. . .it's amazing.

Cupcake time!!!  I brought the "methods" to the classroom but he managed it.  We were a good team and we hope to work together like this again someday. 

For now, we need to take a season off.  We are out of town too much and getting substitute teachers is hard.  Sometimes people get stagnant and don't realize it and become ineffective.  We were afraid that was happening to us.  It's a lonely job. . .no one to bounce ideas off of, work with, or learn from.  We don't know what is next for us but it's our prayer that the Lord will lead us to another service opportunity.  It really was fun having a weekly activity to work on together.

~ Jenni


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