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7 a.m. Sunday morning. . .it's Youth Sunday at church and Thomas signed up to be an usher so not much more quiet time left in this day :)
Margaret had a little choir concert after school two weeks ago.  I think it was one of those things that the teacher wanted to show off what they have been working on but there's really "no good time" to do that. . .it was state testing week, sports, other year-end events. . .so it was just scheduled on a random Thursday night -- of course the only night of the week that everyone (including me!) has something going on -- ha!
Margaret is in the back row with the white t-shirt on.  (Here I think her teacher was explaining the kinds of music they studied this year.)  The students were supposed to wear a school t-shirt for this but since we weren't here at the beginning of the year and don't live in that town, we don't have anything. . .somehow, though, she found a t-shirt from the school from 2007 in her stash!  She's such a trash-picker. . .all I can figure is when I was in my room cleaning in out in December it must have been laying around and she took it.  That's just Margaret for you. . .she can make use of anything.  It's a real gift.

I snapped this picture of Marie yesterday and I just *love* it:
This picture really does say everything about her.  They are losing, hence the frustration.  I think she is such a beautiful girl -- inside and out.  She works so, so hard on her soccer.  And her school work.  And anything else she puts her mind to. . .and she's so kind and thoughtful too.  Last week I had bus duty all week and so she was in my room before I was each morning.  One day I finally sat down at my desk (in the back of the room) sometime before lunch and saw she had left me a note on my post-it pad "Have a nice day" with a little stick figure drawn.  It truly made my day.  I love her so much.

Last weekend Thomas asked if we could eat outside.  I really like to eat outside but Tom doesn't so we just never do.  In fact, our outdoor table fell over in the wind 4 years ago and shattered and I never replaced it.  Anyway, my dad was here and it was a good night for it (not too hot, not cold, not windy, not buggy) so I said "yes".  He didn't exactly set it up where I would have:
In the driveway!  We have a back deck. . .but, really, this worked out well.  The pictures don't do it justice. . .it wasn't overcast like the picture looks. . .just later in the day.  He set up two tables and enough chairs for everyone -- Grandpa Foster was here and Margaret had a friend over.
Thomas took on the entire dinner (it was leftovers with some pulled pork from Sam's Club thrown in) and waited on everyone. . .bringing all the dishes out, getting everyone drinks, clearing the table, bringing out dessert then even putting everything away!!!  At one point Grandpa Foster was carrying one of the dining chairs inside and he said to him "oh no, Grandpa, don't worry about that.  I'll get it."  Yes, I need to record these memories because, unfortunately, he's 13 and these things don't happen all the time.  But it does show me that he has it in him :)

Oh!  Look at this other picture I just found (from Easter). . .Thomas has to crouch down to show that he's still "Nana's little boy" -- ha!

I only have two minutes left before we need to wake up the house. . .here's a picture of Frederick from two weeks ago today --
We are Frederick's Sunday School teachers and Tom always give an extra "point" to the girls who wear dresses and boys that come in a tie.  Frederick really seems to like getting dressed up for church -- at least there's one kid like me :)
Nana & Grandpa had come down for the weekend and were playing a hot game of "Golf" with (most of) the kids before church.
Off to start our Sunday!  Tom and Marie just got Marie's poker set out and are playing some cards.  The other three are still sleeping.  We have church, Sunday School, Marie needs new shin guards, Thomas has a birthday party, I have laundry, laundry, laundry. . .and some school work.  Our county decided on Thursday to let school out two days early this year (apparently b/c we didn't use many snow days?) but the teachers still have to go. . .so I'm stuck for childcare -- grrrrrrrr.  I don't mind the working part. . .it's the two-week notice to find childcare two days before I was supposed to need it that's frustrating!!!  Plus, what are we going to do with Professional Development at the *end* of the school year?!?  Oh well. . .it is what it is. . .I'm thankful to have at least verbal confirmation of a job next year. . .I've really, really enjoyed it.

I'll end with some artwork from my classroom. . .during state testing week we weren't "allowed" to do anything academic so I taught the students zentangle (that my MIL has been teaching some of the kids) and many of them really got into it!!!  We did classroom bulletin boards -- 4 classes, 4 boards.  Some is individual work and a couple pics are completed boards:

 A parent came in and photographed all the boards on Thursday and she's going to do some prints for us. . .these are just pictures from my phone.  One boy brought in a posterboard that he did himself that was really cool too. . .it is a colorful one.  And I don't have a picture of my favorite one -- the class took four posterboards and cut them up into puzzle pieces and everyone "zentagled" a piece in black then they put them back together.  It's really cool.

OK, I'm 5 minutes past "time's up!".  Happy Sunday!!!!


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