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An Ordinary Week

Margaret is slowly but surely decking out our front porch for Fall.  I still have my summer stuff out. . .I know, I know, it is October 21st.  I *really* need to let that season go.  Maybe today. 
I just took this picture below (6:45 a.m.) and if you can feel a picture I'm sure you can feel the chill in this one. . .I think it was in the 30's last night.
But the sun is rising and I think it's going to be a *beautiful* day.  The forecasters are calling for 57 degrees. . .still chilly but with the sun it will be a perfect fall day.

Saturday Marie started the day with an 8:30 a.m. YMCA soccer game in her least-favorite position:
 And this is why. . .
But she forgets that she saves a lot too (why aren't we as good about counting those?)
And, as usual (we keep telling her this since she can't see it from her vantage point), there aren't any defensive players around her, protecting her!
She just doesn't give herself enough credit as a Keeper.  It's a hard job and out of 16 kids on the team, she is chosen by her coach again and again.  Way to go Marie!
She finally got out on the front lines where she likes to be. . .she is a tough player!  She didn't end up scoring, but she was there, leading the pack :)
And fighting it out with an old teammate!
On the field across the parking lot Frederick was out there, running his tail off as usual. . .
 And the T Bell coaches on the sidelines. . .
And the T Bell coaches on the sidelines. . .

After her Y game she, Nana, Margaret, and I headed to Knoxville for her first travel team soccer friendly (game).
There she goes!
Our community is so small there weren't enough U11 girls (or boys) to fill a team so UCUSC decided to go co-ed this fall.  It's a great experience for her!  They've had a hard time finding teams to match up and play but if this first game is any indication they are well on their way to being a strong force in Middle Tennessee!
Coach Green and Coach Hoffman (and a pretty profile of Marie)
The cheering section:
Nana & Margaret
It was a weekend of soccer. . .Sunday after church we headed to Nashville for Thomas:
 They kind *look* like a force to be reckoned with. . .but. . .alas. . .they just couldn't pull out a win.

Thomas is a strong player. . .and fast.  The siblings on the sidelines were having their own kind of ordinary fun:
Other moments caught on camera this "ordinary" week. . .
The kids and grandparents lined up watching Zookeeper. . .I was baking at the time, but it sounded like they all enjoyed it.
Margaret and Daddy reading together
I made these for the kids' CBS class yesterday.  I got the idea from here. . .mine were just plain cake mix and off-the-shelf frosting but they turned out pretty great, huh?
Sneaking in some leftovers last night :)

And our Cub Scout:
These "ordinary" times aren't really ordinary at all -- they are EXTRAordinary. . .we are together, healthy, with the ability to earn money, live in a house, drive vehicles wherever we need to go, worship our Lord freely and share Him with others, get an education, and be with our children.  We have family, friends, and love all around us.  I am grateful for the opportunity to not only have memories, but be able to capture these memories on film and in print.  God bless you and yours, whoever is reading.

~ Jenni


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