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Company Girls 7.5.11

Good Morning Company Girls!

 I actually wanted to link up here for our goings-on last weekend. . .but wanted to personally say "Happy Weekend" to The Company Girls!!!

I hope you are all well and I'm also hoping very much to visit all of you this weekend.  We're busy again. . .this time Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Kathy (Tom's parents and sister) are staying with us.  The grandparents got in late yesterday afternoon and we did "Fish Friday" at Cracker Barrel (a favorite ever since we discovered it with the Bells many, many years ago) and then presents and cake with Nana and Grandpa because they both just had recent birthdays.
Grandpa Fred, Marie, Margaret, Nana, Frederick, Thomas   

After Margaret got left at Cracker Barrel (we had two cars. . .I texted Tom across the parking lot to say I had Nana and Marie. . .he texted back "ok". . .we were *almost* home and he called me wondering if we had Margaret. . .ugh!!!  I watched him turn the van around on the highway and head back while I continued on home. . .he called me when he got her. . .she had gone to the bathroom. . .no one counted heads. . .I guess he found her in a corner crying. . .all is well.)
Well. . .anyway. . .after Margaret got home safe-and-sound, we did presents and birthday cake.  The kids hit the toy store for the gifts because, let's face it, where else do you shop for gifts for your 60+-yr-old grandparents?!? 
The kids have been obsessed about getting Grandpa Fred this robotic-bug thing for about a year now.  I forget when it's real name is. . .anyway, I know it's something that he would have wanted at a toy store 60 years ago when he was a boy, if things like this were available then.  Of course his 7-yr-old grandson takes after him (the one named after him -- ha!) and was building ramps and all kinds of stuff with this bug. . .guess Grandpa will have to wait his turn to play with his present :)
 Nana loves to play games so the kids found a game, Zip-It.  It *is* a really fun game.  Marie and I actually got to try it out at the toy store before purchasing it. 
 Cake. . .
Yes, you'll notice that there's only one name on it. . .Thomas made and decorated it. . .thinking we were going to do something else for Grandpa Fred (and we are. . .but not on the same night -- ha!).  Anyway, nice to get a shot of Tom with his parents and kids too.

Then they (the adults) were off to get Aunt Kathy at the airport.  They got in late. . .the kids and I were already in bed.  Today we have seven more family members coming over. . .Fred's brother who lives in Columbus, GA is visiting his daughter in Nashville so those families are coming here for a visit.  Aunt Kathy is now here from Salt Lake City.  I CHERISH THESE TIMES!!!!

Of course I'm linking up with Company Girls and hope you do too :)  Also, check out our host, Rachel Anne's, artistic talent.  I love that she's posting her progress with this artwork. . .I'm so very, very impressed :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good to see you in the library! :) I have been way behind in blog world, but it was nice to see what's going on in your world.

  2. What a fabulous time!...except for the not counting heads part. I am so not good at finding the right present for people. I'm a cash-giver. I don't think people mind. =p Enjoy your time with family!

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun celebrating! Don't feel bad about the head count incident...I closed the door and locked my oldest(10)in the house yesterday before church thinking everyone was already in the van. "M0-OM," she exclaimed, "aren't you forgetting someone?" My husband had gone back in for something and realized what I had done and they both laughed at me hysterically.

    I'm glad you stopped in for coffee at my blog. It seems like lately those words "through Him" are echoing through my mind and heart. I often try to do things in my own strength. Then when I want to give up and exclaim "I can't do this" the Lord gently reminds me that He never asked me to do it alone.

    May you be encouraged in the Lord this week!


  4. Fabulous time! Finding the perfect gift is always hard. Enjoy!


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