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We went out with a bang!

They won their YMCA Championship game!!!  This was a hard, hard team they beat. . .but they DID IT!!!!  It was a very exciting game and we were down at first. . .0-1 then 0-2 then at half-time it was 1-2. . .but our awesome team along with Coach Joe pulled an amazing feat!!!!
 Coach Joe & his son, Joey (who flew in for the game!) after the win. 

Yes, Robert was responsible for 1/2 the goals.  What a player!  The first goal of the game for us was from Conner, who turned his back "just so" and deflected the ball into the goal. . .the goal keeper tried to catch it and the ball fell backwards into the net.  Too bad for that team -- but it's what our team needed to "get into the game". . .we went on to score three more goals and they weren't able to get another one past us the rest of the game :)  Robert headed the second ball in. . .and the third was a beautiful kick at an incredible angle.  The only goal picture I have is the fourth one. . .it was a hand ball penalty kick and Caroline (her arms outstretched in victory) scored that! 
I have been trying all season to get some "good" action shots of Marie. . .with my new camera I did get a few. . .problem is, I'm always so "into" watching her that I forget to snap the shots :)  She has really stepped up and been an important asset to this team this season.

And a few of Thomas (for the grandparents):
Keep in mind, it was a hot, hot day. . .probably mid-90's when they played at 3 p.m.  EVERY player left EVERYTHING they had on the field.

I liked this picture because these are Thomas's best buddies on the team. . .all in red socks, no less.  Obviously no one cares much about uniforms here. . .
Another throw-in        

Corner kick
 The smiles at the end of the game. . .awards. . .then Coach Joe took all the players and their families out for ice cream.  What a great way to end the season. . .great way to end Thomas's play time at the YMCA.
 I love the above picture b/c it looks like Marie (in the middle) and Thomas (white hair) are just grinning at each other.  Thomas wasn't sure about his sister joining his team at the beginning of the season but this picture seems to say to me that they are happy to share this victory together.

The champions got trophies :)

Margaret & Frederick's team had a great game too.  They didn't end the season with any wins, but by this last game they were really showing us all where they are heading.  They played hard and have grown a lot.

I love their coach so, so much :)
He is so engaged with the kids, so aware of their strengths and weaknesses on the field, and above all, dedicated to them.  Every team has a "bad" season. . .if we (mostly) stay together, though, we can only grow and become stronger!!!  I told him that at least three families were checking with me to make sure that he would still be coaching in the fall -- yea :)  He also "tried out" a new assistant coach, who he wants to work with him in the fall. . .
That kid there. . .in the yellow shirt. . .(and a picture of Margaret running too!)

See him out there?  Need a close-up?
Thomas himself!  Tom said he did a great job (love the model pose of his sister in the background) and when we asked the sports director, she was more than happy to allow it :)  I think he will like it and I like that it will give him some responsibility for the team as well as some respect for his own coach and how difficult it can be.

Margaret and Frederick played very well on Saturday.  I got more than a few shots of Margaret running -- I was really proud of her skill on the field.  Frederick, of course, did lots of "coaching" himself on the field. . .while being an awesome defender then even stepping into the goal box for one of the quarters. . .not his favorite thing to do.
I just loved it when I could get them both in a picture on the field :)
Margaret's form must be natural. . .she only plays about every-third-season. . .(#5)
Frederick's form is certainly good too :)
Caught it!
Yea, that last picture says it all. . .easy, carefree, relaxed.  What a guy :)  The green team did score a goal, which in-and-of-itself was exciting!!!  Handshakes team huddle & awards. . .great season U10!

Daddy giving Margaret her medal. . .
And telling Frederick that he didn't have anymore to give -- ha!  (We got one later)
After the game, most of the team met at CiCi's pizza for a little end-of-the-season celebration together.

Sisters. . .

A pair of brothers who play on both teams with our kids. . .
 Ah, finally, a picture of me with the coach. . .yea!

Now this week, soccer camp for Thomas. . .hopefully to learn some new ball-handling techniques for his fall soccer travel team.  The girls are going to stay home with me (they were invited to Splash Country today with friends) and Frederick is going to go to YMCA Day Camp by himself.  Hopefully I'll get pictures posted of our awesome Sunday at Hidden Spring Farm later this week. . .


  1. It is hard to pay attention to the game and get good pictures, but it looks like you did a great job.


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