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I haven't had time to return phone calls. . .or texts. . .

I'm sorry, because you know who you are.  This is a picture of our board that I snapped at 6:45 a.m. today. . .and glad I did b/c I never got another "picture of the day" today.  I might have missed another day this week too. . .I know I did last week.  Ugh.  I love being busy. . .I hate that it's so much so that I don't sit down until 9 p.m. at night exhausted myself with so much left to do.  Like those phone calls. . .I think my family should move to me so we could at least wave on the road once in awhile :)

Last week was a different kind of busy with the kids at YMCA day camp all week -- I picked up some extra shifts at the Y and ran errands by myself.  The kids came home exhausted at night and then we'd get up at 6:30 the next morning and start all over again :)  This week we were all going in different directions. . .Frederick to Cub Scout Day Camp, the older three to VBS at our church in the morning and two of them were invited to another VBS at night. . .and then, of course, I played tennis or worked.  Whew.  I put 250 miles on my van in just the last three days!

I'm so glad that I snapped this picture early Monday morning because it's the only one I thought to take of Frederick all week:
Or is this one better?
In all my "spare time" I play around with the different editing settings. . .:)

This is a picture of Frederick (on right) and his best buddy, Scott.  Scott's dad would drop him off every morning at 7 a.m. and then I would take the boys to camp. . .Scott's mom then picked them up for me.  Win-win for sure!!!  They had a great time at Cub Scout Day Camp and the scouts did an awesome job with the boys.  Today the camp invited the family to a cookout at lunchtime and then the firefighters brought a hose to spray all the kids.  Fun, fun.  These two get to do another Day Camp together in two weeks at Cedar Lake -- yea!  The disappointment, for them, at this camp was that they weren't put into the same group (even though they're in the same pack). . .hopefully it will be different at Cedar Lake.

Monday also began Vacation Bible School at our church.  Thomas, Marie, and Margaret all attended that.  Thomas and Margaret invited friends too so I also had five kiddos to pick up :)  Monday they all came home with me and we had pizza because Frederick wasn't here (he can't have cheese/dairy) and they just all hung out together.  Margaret's friend then invited her to go to VBS with her that evening from 6-8:30.  That worked out perfectly because I had to go into town anyway to take Thomas to U13 travel team tryouts (for soccer).  He'll make the team because I'm already the "hotel arrangements" mom for next year, but we're not telling him that. . .we want him to work for it.  He brought his VBS friend, too, to the tryout -- this was his first time playing with the team but I'm sure he did well.  He's one of our best goalies on the YMCA team!

Tuesday dawned bright and early.  We had to leave the house by 7:10 so I could get Frederick and Scott to camp by 7:35 a.m. and myself to work by 8 a.m.  We made it with time to spare :)  The church then offered to come by the Y to pick the other three up for VBS since I was working -- that was such a nice thing for us!  When I got off work I ran an errand, then it was over to the church to pick up the kiddos, drop the two "extras" at their homes, then home for lunch, some laundry, take care of the neighbor's dog (did you see the big SCOUT sign on my board?  It's been there all week so we don't forget about him!), and then right back out to make it to tennis (for me) by 5 p.m.  Tom picked the kids up there and dropped Margaret and Thomas at the nighttime VBS -- he knew some other boys that were attending so he wanted to go too.

Oh, and this came in the mail for me:

My mother surprised me with a new camera!!!  I'm so excited about it. . .however. . .I haven't gone this far up in camera class yet b/c I'm afraid I won't have the time to learn how to use it properly.  Sigh.  I've read through the small little manual they send you -- but really *most* of the information is on a disk with software too.  I'm hoping, hoping to have time to learn how to use this and take some good pictures!  I'm mostly looking to take action shots.  It has a 24x zoom -- twice what my current camera has.  This was just such a neat, neat surprise for me :)  THANK YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday dawned warm and bright.  I love all of this hot weather, but know that most don't.  I hate, hate, hate the cold so there are *no* complaints from me in this heat, for sure.  Someone at work traded their 8:30 shift for my 8:00 a.m. shift so the kids got to sleep in an extra 1/2 hour -- BIG DEAL around here.  When I got the five from VBS we met Tom for lunch at DQ (another place hard to go with Frederick b/c of his stomach) and then we headed for the city pool.  I played with my new camera there a bit but don't know enough yet to do much:
Marie going off the diving board so I can try an action shot. . .Thomas is waiting at the ladder.
What do you think of this "dive"???  He did go in head-first :)
Margaret off the high dive. . .
Lots of work to do with this camera. . .there were blurry shots and pictures I'd try to take but then did something wrong and there was nothing there???  I wish I could just take a class. . .trial-and-error is not my strong suit.  But I am determined. . .!!

Thursday. . .Cub Scout camp drop-off, work & kids getting picked up again for VBS, then I was offered a chance to go home 1/2 hour early so I called Tom and we were able to meet up at a new deli in town for a lunch date (yea!!!), pick kids up, Subway run-through, meet friends at the park for lunch and play time, back home to get some chores done, then. . .
Marie decided to go to soccer tryouts -- yea!!!  Of course, a bribe was made (a new soccer ball -- the one she's holding is Thomas's) but we really wanted her to just try.  She gets a bit timid with new-to-her things so this was a big step for her.  So proud of Marie. . .and it doesn't matter one way or the other if she's accepted on the team. . .she's only 10 but we thought it was important that she at least try.  After I dropped her off there, two at VBS, Frederick and I headed to the tennis courts so I could play in a new ladder-league thing I'm trying out with a friend.  We won easily b/c we had to start at the bottom. . .excited to continue playing with this group!!

And here we are. . .Friday.  Guess I did get a picture each day this week :)  This is what we were doing LAST Friday night. . .

We were painting signs for our church's VBS kick-off.  Into Saturday we were also were hard at work on these:

We were "in charge" of getting things ready for the kick-off on Sunday.  The taxi cabs were for a taxi cab race (where the kids pull the cabs up around them) and then Tom and Marie were building a frame for a swinging apples game.  I'm so bummed that we left the camera in the car for the actual event. . .so I don't have pictures of these things in action. . .but proof that they had a good time doing it :)  We were so thrifty that the game signs and "taxi" fronts were actually the ends we cut off the boxes :)  The wheels -- Marie painted 75% of them I think -- were round cardboard-cake things.  It was Frederick's idea to put the red back lights on them -- so clever!  Definitely a fun family project.

Well, for all of you that seem to not hear from me. . .I started this post 2 hours ago. . .and now it's time for bed!  You saw our board for our Saturday schedule -- Sunday it's church and Sunday School then we were invited over to a friend's house for swimming and a BBQ at 2. . .crazy thing is, I have to go to work from 4-6 -- UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hate, hate, hate these stupid monthly Sunday meetings.  They are refresher courses for our CPR training but really?!?  On a SUNDAY?!?  Family Day?!?  It just burns me up.  So. . .I'll leave my family and friends there. . .head to work. . .and head back.  It will all work out. . .I just wish, wish, wish the YMCA would find a different day and time to do this. . .or give us a choice. . .Tom would not "let" me go if we were supposed to be on the lake (which is where we would be if this BBQ invitation hadn't come up). . .I really love my job but this part of it is for the birds.

Next week:  Thomas at soccer camp from 9-3 each day, Marie & Frederick have chosen to go to YMCA Day Camp again next week, and I guess Margaret will hang with me.  After her first day at Y Camp last week she said "how many times can we do this?" and I said "every week if you want". . .guess she's already changed her mind.  No surprise.  It's summertime and I LOVE IT!!!  We are busy, it is hot, and I'm with my kiddos.  Life is GOOD.  And a big win in the finals of the YMCA U12 Championship Game tomorrow for Marie & Thomas would be sweet.

~ Jenni


  1. You, wordy? Nah! =p I have to restrain myself when I blog. I can be wordy too.

    What a wonderful busy week! VBS already? Our schools are still in session until next week I think.

    I found some helpful info at and also The 2nd one is actually a scrapbooking site, but they have easy-to-understand photo tips on there. PW has some photo posts as well that are great too.

    I don't return calls either...and it's not because I'm busy, I just don't like talking on the phone.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    P.S. Love the chalkboard.

  2. We had VBS last week too and it makes such a busy week. I don't have kids that attend, but I do try to help out. This year I did the registration some nights so I could get home earlier.


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