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Busy Week!

I had six children this week.  Yep,  6!!!  I *loved* every (o.k., well almost) every minute of it!!!  My sister's kids had their spring break this last week and they wanted to spend it here, in the middle of TN - yea!
 AVJ and Marie
 Susan & Erin
And a picture of the boys just so they're not left out :)

We really didn't do much.  It was a "normal" week for us. . .school, YMCA, and a little "special" crafting.  As I'm going through pictures I'm noticing a theme. . .lots and lots of "food" pics -- ha!  Really, we did do more than just eat, I just didn't get too many pictures otherwise.  I was so busy constantly counting kids that I only took pics when they were all sitting down I guess :)

Monday - 
I played tennis in the morning, then off to Ralph's Do-nuts (my kid's *favorite* part of the week I think)
Oh, guess they were eating biscuits here.  Don't worry, everyone (even me!) ended up with a do-nut too :)

And then home for some schoolwork.  Yes, they had to keep up with that too. . .

Tuesday - 
I work Tuesday mornings so the girls had some fun exploring the playmaze and having some slide races. . .

Then, after YPlay closed, we got out some schoolwork to do (per usual. . .it's just easier to stay in one place to work. . .there's too much of a "break" in the schedule if we pack up and come home. . .then kiddos are hungry,etc.  We just pack lunches and eat there!)

I had to take a picture at dinner too and send it to my sister (most of these posted pictures are from my phone b/c it was with me and I tried to send her daily pictures)
AVJ wasn't sure she'd ever had "pot roast" so that's what I made!  It was a feast. . .meat, potatoes, carrots, corn. . .I think we even had peanutbutter pie for dessert :)

That night Tom took them to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules.  I was *so* glad to get out of that!!! 

Wednesday - 
I became "crazy" woman on Wednesday. . .literally.  I had a "moment" trying to get school work done and out the door. . .then just decided that this is only one week out of 52, that I should put the schoolwork and expectations away and JUST CRAFT with the kids.  So we did.  After a quick lunch at Sam's Club, of course (only the *best* here in TN!)  Told you I posted a lot about food. . .
 Our Goodwill finds.  Yes.  I took all 6 to
Goodwill to find things to make over.  Then to Hobby Lobby to buy fabric and paint.  Yes.  I'm THAT crazy.

 Wednesday night was church. . .then Thursday morning we had Community Bible Study.  While crafting on Wednesday, Thomas and AVJ made dozens of "cake cookies" for their class on Thursday b/c it was Thomas's turn to bring snacks.  Apparently the cookies were a big hit because NONE came home.  Wow!  They made cookies with white cake mix and peanutbutter chips, and yellow cake cookies which they frosted with both white and chocolate icing.  After CBS on Thursday we had some friends over. . .what's another mommie and 5 kiddos when you already have a houseful?
It looks like 4 of "mine" and 4 of hers are around the table at this point. . .we kept it simple. . .she packed sandwiches for her crew, I heated up some soup and had sandwich stuff out. . .a couple of apples cut up and a bag or two of chips.  Nothing fancy at all. . .it was just nice to visit with a friend and have lots of playmates for the kids. 
I headed to work after that. . .and was scheduled in the nursery so the girls took turns coming in there with me -- they *loved* it!!!

Do I dare post another meal picture???  This is our normal Sunday after-church meal but since the girls won't be with us then we decided to do it after work Thursday. . .
I promise, this place is cheaper than fast food (which I don't like anyway) and so much better!

Friday -
The day started with a few rounds of "Guess Who" with Susan:
And the older kids finishing up some Rummikub from the night before:

The sun *finally* came out and we headed outside!  I had a 9 a.m. tennis match scheduled and the kids ran around the park area.  We had to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a few things and then came home to eat lunch, clean up, do some school work, and they even got a little movie time in.  Tonight was the first night of soccer practice and we are so fortunate this year that Thomas and Marie are playing on the same team and Margaret and Frederick are on the same team.  Not only that, but they practice on the same day AT THE SAME TIME!!!  How lucky for us :) 

AVJ suggested swimming this evening and it was a *great* idea.  I left my camera in the car, but of course had my phone to take a few more pics of our time together. . .
 My Marie
 Marie & AVJ
Thomas, Frederick, & Susan

Margaret was in the pool too but, like last night at the restaurant, she did not want her picture taken.  Sigh.

This has just been a super, awesome, terrific week!!!  We will miss the girls. . .and hope that we didn't turn them too "country" this week. . .I don't think their parents could take it  :)  I know they missed their parents. . .but I think probably about as much as mine miss me when they are up there. . .(not too much?)

I'm linking up with my fellow Company Girls. . .go visit -- I promise their posts aren't as long as mine.  This is my journal and memories I am trying to capture for my family here.  There are lots of great stories out there this week, words of inspiration, and just some great "visiting".  Rachel Anne also encourages you to read and leave comments, especially if you aren't a blogger but still want to visit with all of the other great ladies out there.  In addition, it's April 1st, so time to start a new Tally Sheet if you like to participate in daily challenges to make your home a sanctuary.  Jump in if you've never tried it out. . .it's amazing how "little" things add up in your home!!!

Happy Weekend!
~ Jenni


  1. Thanks for stopping by and your encouraging words. It looks like you had a fun week. What a great idea on the Goodwill makeovers. We will have to do that.

  2. What a wonderful week! Those projects look fantastic - and I remember loving those slides when I was a kid (and trying to convince my mom that safety was less important than the speed you acquire by going down on your belly, head-first!)

  3. Oh, my, made me tired just seeing the pictures of your busy, busy week. But, what awesome memories! Hope you have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow and an awesome new week! Blessings!

  4. Oh, man, sounds like such a good week. I will say that you have learned much faster than I did to just let some weeks go. I still get all in a tiff sometimes and then I have to think, traditional schools have wasted days, too. CHILL OUT!

    Would you believe that we did lunch at Sam's Club on Wednesday, too! No better (read cheaper) place! The kids think it is such a treat!

    Hope you've gotten a little rest this weekend!

  5. Wow, you are one busy mom. I have been trying not to compare myself with other moms, but when I read your post I really just feel lazy. That's when I have to remind myself that God made me different than others and that I am in a different season of life with my kids and then leave it at that.
    Your nieces will be going home with so many fun memories from spending time with you and that is so good. Maybe I will have Isabel help me make artwork for my bedroom now after seeing how great your kids did.
    Have a great week.

  6. It looks like you guys had fun this week, even if it was a "normal" week.

  7. Oh my goodness Jenni! I'm exhausted just reading how your week went! I'm impressed that you only had one 'moment'! I'm the youngest of 4, and whenever our cousins came along or we brought friends along, we were all a number, and every time we gathered, we'd have to do our count to make sure everyone was there. It looks like all of the kids had a're a great aunt!!


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