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Busy Saturday

Mammaw and Grandpa Foster came down for the weekend!!!  This picture was after a full day of basketball. . .Thomas had a big game at his school with the cross-town rivals (they were supposed to play their tournament games this weekend but after two weeks of snow days that tourney was postponed to next weekend) and the younger three had Upward games.  Actually, Thomas had an Upward game too, but this was taken before then.
My camera just doesn't do well with action.  Or I have not figured out the correct setting yet.  That's Frederick, though, with the ball.  As usual, I think he made the only buckets for his team again.
This is Frederick with his best friend, M, after the game.  I *love* Upward ball!!! This is the first season our family has participated in the program, but our old church did Upward flag football and now that our YMCA no longer has a basketball program we were able to try this out.  The church in town that hosts it does a most excellent job and it is so well-organized with a great flow, games running on time, many dedicated coaches and even a concession stand that sells entire meals!  So glad M was able to do it with Frederick and be on his team this season.
Margaret cheered for the 2 p.m. game.  This was her on the floor performing during "halftime".  Again, a great program for these little ones (she's in third grade).
Here's a pic I have of Marie with the ball. . .I think she made a basket or two herself!!  She is turning into a great little player. . .so fun to watch :)

I didn't go to Thomas's school game because I was at the church with the other kids. . .guess he played quite a bit on Saturday but they still lost big. . .practice is NOT going to be fun on Monday.

(On a side note, Thomas is still in public school because of the basketball team -- the school administration will not allow him to play if he's not in school.  Technically Friday would have been his last day {it was another snow day} but since the tournament was postponed he decided to stay in another week.  We told him that if he could keep up his Satellite classes and school classes he could stay on the team and in school.  He did well catching up on his work here at home this weekend so I guess he'll be off to school again tomorrow. . .two hours late as they've already called a delay.  Of course.  It was almost 40 degrees today!!!  Whatever.)

Margaret and Thomas helped me put some lasagna together earlier in the morning and we were able to come home to a delicious meal after the above-mentioned games and then get back to the church for Thomas's Upward game at 7 p.m.  
Look at that free-throw shot!  That one he made.  The first one he didn't.  Even though the game at school earlier in the day didn't go so well, he scored most of the points for his team Saturday night and they pulled out their first win -- yea!!! 

It's so much fun having family in town to share these "everyday" memories with :) 


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