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Tom & His Mini-Me

When we got home from church yesterday I was given an opportunity to take a nap.  So I did :)  Tom even made lunch for the kids!  And when I got up I wandered outside into the bright, beautiful, warm sunshine to find this. . .
The men, Tom and Thomas, were hard at work on the boat trailer.  We haven't been able to go to the lake the last couple weeks because something was broken/wrong. . .something with the breaks.  Anyway, Frederick and Tom hauled the boat home early that morning before church and now here the "Toms" were, fixing together.
Notice how they're dressed?  Tom told me later that after Thomas saw what he was wearing, he went upstairs and put on the exact same outfit.  I love that.  (See that chair in the background?  I had been standing around watching them work when Thomas went and got a chair and set it up for me.  Isn't that great?!?  Aren't I a pampered mommy and wife?)
This is one of the first times Thomas has shown any real interest in learning about "fixing" anything. . .usually it's Marie.  This time Tom said that Marie lost interest quickly while Thomas stayed the whole time (they were on the second wheel at this point).
Finally, Thomas got a grease gun in his hand and was able to do "something".
 Look at that beautiful clear sky!  And I want to remember Thomas sitting on his feet like that. . .he always has.  I would think at 11 1/2 it would be uncomfortable, but obviously not.  These are the small things I'd like to remember.

And. . .because of the boys' hard work, an hour or so later we were doing this:
Dale Hollow Lake was really, really crazy busy on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend!!!  The kids thought they were back at Dollywood, riding rollercoasters I guess (that's what we did Saturday -- yes, a full weekend for us!).  While they were bouncing around on the bow of the boat, Thomas was. . .
bouncing along behind the boat :)  He had some HUGE air rides and this happened to him too:

His swimsuit came off!!!  So funny. . .but that just goes to show how rough it was out there and how hard his falls were :)  He eventually got his brother out there with him. . .
And his sister Margaret too.  BTW, I love this picture and want to do something special with it:
 Ha!  She's on. . .he's off :)

It is Labor Day Weekend, after all, and when the sun goes down, it does get COLD.
This was Frederick's birthday gift from Tom. . .and it's big enough to fit over his lifejacket (and apparently big enough to disappear in too!)

I am overwhelmed by the privilege that it is to be ME!  I am blessed beyond measure, beyond reason.


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