Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Snow Day

Well, the predicted snow fall came. Not the 8-10" some had hoped for, but significant snow fall all the same. . .view from my front porch this morning:The kids were overjoyed to see the snow! They didn't race outside like they have in the past when we have a dusting but were anxious to go after breakfast.

I treated the family to thick-sliced bacon. . .eggs. . .and pancakes. . .but not just any pancakes. . .This is a real treat in our house!! The kiddies were happy to see these :) I love sitting down to breakfast as a family in the mornings. . .Especially when we don't have to rush to get anywhere :)

Frederick even called Grandpa Fred this morning to let him know we were making a "homemade" breakfast -- ha! Grandpa Fred LOVES our sit-down breakfasts and so I asked Frederick if he wanted to call and see if he'd like to come over this morning. Frederick (6) very seriously answered me "Mom, he couldn't get here that fast." True. . .300 miles is too far for fun things like that. He brought the phone over to the griddle and asked if he could "smell" the bacon cooking :)Look at the look of delight on his face as he's talking to his grandparents. I love it!!!
Then outside they headed.They lasted maybe 15 minutes. . .And while they were out there and I was running from door-to-door to get a few shots this was happening inside. . .
He's a keeper, huh?And now one hour after sitting down to breakfast, it is eaten, the dishwasher is running, the stairs are vacuumed, the kids have been out, are now in (with piles of snowy clothes and shoes at the doors) and they are sitting at the kitchen table drinking hot chocolate. . .the only real reason to go outside :)

Now only another 10 hours to fill in this bright snowed-in day!

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