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Company Girl 1.22

Good morning Ladies! I don't have any homemade refreshments for you today because I'm in school :) I love teaching and when I get the chance to sub -- and not just any class but in my son's middle school -- the day is bright! So hopefully you have a cuppa-something with you while we catch up. . .This is a picture of us on the first day of school this year. . .I had a fantastic long-term sub job in the middle school at the beginning of the year and I think every one of us was eager to get there that day. But in all truthfulness, I think we are all fairly happy to go to school any day -- especially the days that we get to go together. I am so incredibly blessed to get to spend these days with my children. . .taking them to school and getting to see their teachers more often, even if it's just a quick "hello" in the hallway. Don't get me wrong. . .I also LOVE the days that I can drop them off and do my own thing too. . .I'm in that season of my life where I really am getting my cake and eating it too.

This season is also an incredibly busy one and I haven't had time for my friendships like I like. God blessed us with a severe thunderstorm yesterday and that is the only reason I was home for 1.5 hours, and I was happy to be. If it hadn't rained the kids and I would have gone directly from school to the Y for the boys' swim practice then my husband would have met us there to trade cars so I could go to school and he could bring the kids home and feed them. But because of the thunder and lightening (in January?!?), the pool had to close and so we came home. The kids and I set the timer and did a quick clean-up, then a little more. . .vacuuming and such too. My dad and stepmom are visiting this weekend so we won't do our "normal" Saturday chores and plus I like to pick up for company. . .anyway, we don't allow video games during the week but because they were so helpful I let them turn on the Wii for a little bit and I actually laid down for 15 minutes!!! But, you see, I laid down instead of checking in with others or making a quick phone call. I hate that friendships (and checking Company Girls' blogs) go on the back-burner but it's a SEASON and I know that. Every hour (o.k., MOST hours) are a choice and how we choose to spend them. I don't think anyone wanted a phone call at 5:30 a.m. so this is my "catch-up" time with all of you. Sorry it isn't more personal. . .

Last night was my first night on campus for a class. It was o.k. It's going to be an incredibly difficult (so everyone says -- and I believe them!) statistics class. Whew! I mostly take my classes online so this is a different experience for me. I love meeting new people though so that part is good. I hadn't gotten my books yet so after class I went and picked them (2) up. . .$173. . .NO KIDDING. I know last week I crabbed about the cost of school but c'mon. . .this is INSANE. If you could see the condition of the one that they charged me $90 bucks for. . .needless to say I came home in a very bad mood (not so much the cost but the condition and price) and immediately jumped online. . .I found I can rent the one book for $50 which I'm planning to do. Today is the last day that store will take books back so I have to book it over there after school today and return it. Ugh! I don't mind buying books but some of it just seems a tad unfair. . .last quarter I bought a book ($80-$90) and the professor hardly used it. I could have completely gotten away without it. If the teachers are going to USE the books, that's one thing but. . .and I definitely wouldn't be hopping mad about this other one if I would have been charged fairly for it. . .it's been used at least three times. . .I was looking online and can buy it new for just over $100. Sigh.

Well, let's not end negatively :) Tell me how your week was -- what was the highlight? For me. . .I don't know. I kind of hope I haven't hit my highlight and that will happen this weekend when my kids' grandparents are here! We don't really have any plans. . .they are on their way to Florida for a month and thought they'd go 100 miles out of their way to come over and see us. It's great having family around! So here's to you and a blessed weekend, spending it (or at least a few hours) the way YOU want to!


  1. Oh yes, college books are pricey...and by the end of the year, they aren't worth anything. It's crazy!
    Enjoy your weekend with your family!

  2. This season is a whirlwind for us as well. I can totally relate. I have pouted and prayed over my lack of a really close friend but I think in this season, that close friend just has to be my Heavenly Father. Hope you enjoy the weekend with family. That is such a blessing! We will celebrate birthdays all week, I guess that will be our highlight!

    Good luck with the class! Statistics, UGH!

  3. I'm glad you were able to enjoy some downtime, and any mom deserves a break, but I totally know what you mean about friendships. The highlight for me was my 2yo's potty successes!! We're having thunder and lightning over here too. Yikes! Nonstop rain this whole week. And I'll have to say good luck with the class too...stats was one of my least favorite in college. Don't get me started on book pricing. Hope you enjoy the time with your dad and stepmom.

  4. I was going to comment on the renting books thing, but you already thought of that. And I do know what you mean about buying books and then finding they are not really used. There was one book on my husbands Electronics degree that all the students used to refer to as "the door stop" because no one ever used it.

  5. Hi Jenni,
    I think this might be this first time I've been on your blog. It's so great to meet you. You have a precious family and what a blessing you are able to work at your kid's school! My season is much like yours! I understand where you're coming from.
    Don't begrudge yourself those naps's need refreshing sometimes!
    Hope you have a great visit with your dad and stepmom!

  6. I understand how busy you are, sometimes there's not much time to catch up and other times there is more free time so don't worry about that!

    I love how you say 'Every hour (o.k., MOST hours) are a choice and how we choose to spend them' that is so tru, this is something I'm focussing on this month.

  7. What a treat to have mommy at school! We homeschool so they're just happy when I leave them at Awanas.

    BTW, you could always sell your stats book on Amazon when your done. I got better prices for my books this way. Good luck. All I remember is that my calculator and excel worked very hard when I took that class!

  8. Have fun this weekend!

    Wow! School books are expensive...I understand why you would be upset!

  9. The cost of books is ridiculous!! I agree. My husband is in college also and I'm always searching Ebay and and elsewhere to find a good deal.

  10. that's so fun that you get to teach at your kid's school sometimes.

    text books are such a rip off and it makes me so mad. Some people use every last cent they have to pay for college and then they have to buy these overpriced books and SOME of them you don't even use that much for the class. I had one professor once who made everyone get his own book that he wrote AND the work book and he made you turn in the action pages of the work book so you couldn't sell it back.

  11. Hello! I was also a math teacher (high school for 4 years). And I'm going to go into subbing when my youngest enters kindergarten next year. I can't wait!

    Good luck on the stats class.

  12. Good to "catch up" with you... I left a voice mail this morning. I guess that is why I haven't heard back :) I am glad everyone is OK.


  13. Yes, it is the season of your life and I assure you that it will be over all too soon. I know, I've "been there, done that" and am now enjoying and have been enjoying the "empty nest" and two precious Grandchildren. So enjoyed visiting your blog! Happy week-end with your family!

  14. Statistics! My hubby took that class and hated it! I hope you do better! I find in this season of my life that I don't have very many friends either....the ones my age are all empty nesters and are having a different family time then is going on with my teens right now. One of these days, I also will be in that God's time for sure.

  15. I'm glad that you are able to substitute at your kids' school and that you enjoy it. Hang in there with the college classes. Your persistence will pay off!

  16. Hi Jenni, thanks for visiting! I love that your family gets together when you're all at school. That sounds like a dream! My brother and I would eat lunch together in high school when we had the same lunch period, and it was cool for me to get to see a little bit into his life even though he was a freshman and I was a senior and we ran in very different circles.

  17. Hi there! I'm mixing it up this week and having coffee starting with the odd numbers, so naturally, you are first! :)

    My sister teaches middle school and boy, it takes creativity and a lot of energy! I am a stay at home mom with three in school, and two still at home. I love this season! I am getting more flexible as far as being able to spend time with friends, as long as they don't mind me bringing my youngest two along.

    It looks like you are a step ahead of me, so I will definitely be perusing your blog more!

    Have a great time with your family!

  18. Being a mom is wonderful (most days)! It's good to enjoy where you are in life...Each stage brings its blessings.
    Happy weekend!

  19. Hope you are enjoying your weekend with family.

    My youngest will be entering kindergarten next year and I'm looking at a new season of life. What will it be????

    Good for you for taking a 15 minute nap, very much deserved.

  20. Wow you did have a busy week. I loved your family photo. I posted photo's on my other blog this week of my grandbabies first day of pre-school. Thanks for visiting me. And yes, I am doing the Tuesday Trade Days as a weekly meme. Hopefully it will catch on. If you have something want to trade just put up a post. This Tuesday I'll add a Mr. Linky for it. Join in it should be fun.
    I hope your Sunday is Blessed,

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Sounds like you had a busy week. Hopefully this week is a little slower for you. :)

    Good luck with the classes - I know first hand how intimidating going to college after you're married and have kids can be - and I'm still in the applying stage!


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